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Personal Information
Real Name Maxwell Smith
Code Name Elpizo
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Neo Arcadia
Divisions Command
Function Big Boss
Technical Specifications
Primary Honor In This World Gone Soft
Type Physical
Secondary Cruel Thrust
Type Blade
Buster Colors White & Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"What do I want? A world where humans like us are honored for fighting and dying for our ideals-- as it once was! As it should be!"


Elpizo was one of the most reviled personalities of the late 2210s. A former UN general, Elpizo had spent his long and storied military career at the top. When the Robot Wars began, Elpizo and his achievements were cast aside. Forced into an early retirement, the man who became Elpizo sought to restore the prestige of humanity by engineering a new, stronger humanity. Using Ciel Mallory's scientific might, Elpizo regained his youth, and gained power on par with the most powerful robots. With Elpizo at the helm, Neo Arcadia became a world power, forcing the United Nations to acknowledge their strength. But in the end, Elpizo's revolution was being manipulated by shadowy powers to achieve their own inscrutable ends. Neo Arcadia ultimately imploded from its own madness and corruption, and Elpizo was swept away by fate. Given a second chance, Elpizo chose to fight for the good of the world, dying in the last battle against Alexia Ashford. His legacy lives on in the e-human augmentation projects of numerous governments, and serves as a warning to any who would follow in his footsteps.


Cut Scenes