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Personal Information
Real Name Enker
Code Name Enker
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number RKN001
Faction Robot Masters
Function Rock Killer Commander
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Strategy
Secondary Specialty Rock Killer
Primary Mirror Buster
Type Blade
Secondary Strategic Brilliance
Type Blade
Buster Colors Blue & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Voice Actor russell Crowe
Theme Song How The World Fell Under Darkness - The Protomen

Character Data

"Strength wins battles, intelligence wins wars."


Straight-laced with a strict code of honor, Enker is a most dangerous foe. Formerly Dr. Wily's second-in-command, Enker was replaced by Bass, who he thinks is too arrogant and unpredictable to be in his position. Too honest to backstab, Enker now works even harder to destroy the Hunters in order to regain his position, not because he really wants it, but because he feels Bass doesn't deserve it. An expert tactician, he functions as the strategist and thinker of the Elite Masters, but prefers the old style of war; Huge ground melee warfare. He carries the Mirror Buster, a powerful spear that is able to reflect enemies' attacks or absorb the attack's energies and use it to fuel a powerful energy blast. Enker is sometimes seen as old-fashioned by some of the newer Robot Masters, and some of them question his position, but only behind his back; to his face would be the quickest way to raise the ire of the Elite Leader, after all. Enker's honesty and code of honor can be taken advantage of, but outsmarting and maneuvering him into a position where he is trapped by it is quite a feat.


Old Style Tactics, Spear Wielding, Knowledge: Roman Culture, Knowledge: History, Planning, Melee Warfare, Strategy, Being Shiny, Modesty




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