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The Catwoman Of San Angeles
The Catwoman Of San Angeles
Personal Information
Real Name Felicia Rose
Race Catwoman
Gender Female
Creator/s Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Faction Versus
Function Aspiring Singer
Technical Specifications
Primary Dancing Flash
Type Blade
Secondary Please Help Me
Type Blade
Buster Colors White & Blue
OOC Information
Game Darkstalkers
Voice Actor G.K. Bowes
Theme Song

Character Data

"Whenever I'm down, I just sing and dance my woes away!"


An optimistic and cheerful young woman, Felicia was found on the steps of a convent in Nevada when she was only a kitten. Raised by a group of kindly nuns who never judged her for being obviously non-human, Felicia grew into a young lady with a deep love of music and a need to see the world. When Rose, the nun closest to her, passed away she left the safety of the convent and found a small apartment in San Angeles, singing in sleazy clubs and dives to earn enough money to live by while trying to figure out if it was possible to live her dream of being a singer without finding herself some kind of lab experiment. As a catwoman, Felicia's senses are keener than that of a normal human, and she can extend claws from her fingers and toes - in dire straits, she can even transform into a cat, but doing so leaves her all but defenseless.


Aspiring Musician, Would Like To Act, Too, Fear: Being Caged Up Or Hunted, Fear: Water, Conveniently Placed Fur, Enjoys Walking Around Naked, Can't Hide Her Emotions, Really Bad At Being Aloof, Easily Distracted, Yarn Fixation, Catnip Addict, Embarassed When Caught Self-Grooming, Roman Catholic (At Least On Easter And Christmas), Got Cat Class, Got Cat Style, :3


Felicia was found on the steps of a convent in western Nevada in the early 2200s. Despite obviously being something other than human, the nuns decided to help raise the small girl, giving her a loving home and as much freedom as they felt was safe. Sister Rose, the eldest and closest to Felicia, wanted to give her as good as life as she could, leaving the young woman what few worldly items she possessed when she passed away in 2226.

Felicia left the convent to see the world, using the meager funds Rose was able to leave her and getting a small apartment. She took work where she could get it, passing herself off as a furry or a costumed performer, slowly trying to amass a group together to begin a real singing career.

Her life changed in January of 2228 when Morrigan caught one of her shows and figured out that she wasn't human. Offering the young woman an opportunity as a better life, Felicia jumped at the chance. Only the future knows what's in store for her now...

Not clothing.


  • Felicia can transform into a completely normal-looking white cat with a shock of blue hair. This is very taxing on her and she only does it in extreme circumstances.
  • Relatively well-known in the San Angeles club scene, but most people think she's just wearing a costume.
  • Despite being afraid of what people might do when they find out she's not human, she genuinely likes humanity.


  • 2228-01-13: Cat, Cadence, Cherry - Cadence and Cerisier meet in person after having only spoken on the radio before. A third radio voice joins in, and she's hiding something...
  • 2228-02-22: ULTRONQUEST: Menace of the Machine Man - Slur and the Robot Masters attack Innerpeace's Paradise Fountain with an army of strange robots. But what are they after?
  • 2228-03-18: Jungle of Nightmares - Cerisier and her intrepid team of scientists/mysterious heroes/a cat venture into the Amazon Basin in search of the source of the ecological disruption. They find it.
  • 2228-11-11: The House of Dreams - Versus moves to destroy Dragon King's slave ring. Dragon King owns an airship and isn't afraid to use it.