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Fenrir Lunaedge
Fenrir Lunaedge.jpg
Personal Information
Code Name Winter Wolf
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date January 7, 2221
Serial Number EJH-003
Function Arctic Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Front-line Assault
Secondary Specialty The 'Special' Brother
Primary Triple Ice Blade
Type Blade Ice
Secondary Hyougetsujin
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"There are none that can keep up with me!"


Fenrir Lunaedge is the latest version of a time-tested design. Even non-roboticists notice his similarity to the Gatebot Blizzard Wolf and other ice-based lupines. Fenrir is unconcerned with being considered to be similar to others, believing himself to be the superior model. Prideful and cocky, Fenrir enjoys facing off against other robots, but in particular savors the opportunity to defeat wolf-type robots to prove himself to be the best. At times Fenrir's stereotypical desire to go it alone chafes with the other Einherjar, but in the end he will grudgingly work together with his brothers to achieve the goals of their master. Unlike others of his kind, Fenrir prefers to strike from an ambush, and is skilled at lurking in places that his enemies may not expect, such as walls or ceilings. The secret to his climbing abilities are the complex network of greaves on his appendages, allowing him to navigate even the sheerest sheets of ice easily.