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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Femme Fatale
Assignment Whip It Good
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Infiltration, Combat, Flight.
Secondary Specialty Disguises, Poor decision-making with Anthem.
Weapons Electromagnetic whip, cryogenics system.
Primary Bloody Snake
Type Blade
Secondary Tera Blizzard
Type Ice
Buster Colors Crimson & Pink
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"Are you tough enough to take it?"


Ferham is a world-weary intelligence agent trying to find her way in an ever-changing world. The product of a black book special operations project, Ferham is the only known survivor of her many "siblings", having separated from her other sister over a decade ago. She spent many years working with the Irregular movement, where she and Epsilon had an intense, turbulent romance. They broke up under murky circumstances, but Ferham remained in the movement as one of Epsilon's best intelligence operatives. She held the Irregular organization together during Epsilon's Martian pilgrimage, and worked as his second in command once he returned. At the end of the Maverick revolt, Ferham turned herself into the authorities, overcome with remorse that almost everything she had valued had been destroyed. When the Hunters offered Ferham a second chance, Ferham took it as a way of trying to make amends for the wrongs she had committed in the past. Shrewd and calculating, Ferham knows how to play the role of femme fatale to get what she wants. In the aftermath of the fall of the Irregulars, Ferham now seeks to make the world a better place using her unique skills. Despite her efforts to change her ways, Ferham's assertive manner and invincible self-confidence can still come across as arrogance.


Hot Ice Queen, Femme With A Whip, Better Than Zorro, WAY Better Than Catwoman, The Girl Who Dumped Epsilon (But Couldn't Bear To Leave), The Deliriously Battle-Ready Modern-Day Valkyrie In Lingerie And Fishnets Your Father Warned You About


After turning herself into the Maverick Hunters, Ferham worked for a time on the side of good--following the death of Epsilon at the hands of Giga Man. (Epsilon was the only one who thought Giga was not just a joke of a copy and he still turned on him to be repaired so he could merge again with Adagio--Ferham isn't sure what to make of that, yet.) After the disbanding of the Maverick Hunters, Ferham worked with Prismatic Spider and Theseus in Nephilim, but it was clear she couldn't sit by and let even more destruction and tragedies occur, so she left and sought asylum with Cinnamon of the new Irregulars. This setup was less organized than she'd like, but it did allow her to prove her intentions and she has put a fair bit of time into working with Star force and Versus since.

Concept art


  • Ferham, like Varuna/Void and Gate, as well as many others, was created by The Professor for Black SHIELD.
  • All of the Reploids in her sister series are dead, all were programmed as infiltrators and combat models. Serenade, AKA Gambit, was sent to infiltrate the Robot Masters but was discovered by Wily and turned into one his 'femmes,' she was later executed and her parts callously reused as an armor for Dust Man. Serendipity became Maverick and was destroyed.
  • Unlike Dr. Wily with the Robot Masters, The Professor instills reward signals into his robots, making them WANT to perform their roles, rather than FORCE them to. As a result Ferham, like all other Dynamic series, has an inbuilt desire to perform the role The Professor intended for them. In Ferham's case, it is to infiltrate. While she is conscious of this fact, she has a natural tendency to seek information and is somewhat of a social chameleon. It sometimes leads her to second-guess her interests in people or information.


  • 2223-09-07: Lost Carcosa - Patriarch forces Mike to relive an old trauma.
  • 2227-07-23: Pride of Detroit - In the post-cyberpocalypse, a heroine rises to unite the world.
  • 2228-11-16: The Fault in Our Stars - It's simple: We kill the Lumine.
  • 2228-12-16: Santa Wily - Winter is Coming - Dr. Wily occupies Harvard Square and compels co-eds to serve as elves in a mad scheme... to delight children?? This can't end well.
  • 2229-02-18: Wilentines day - Bright Man has declared this week to be wilentines and that all Robot Masters must dress as cherubs during it! Now he goes to the most romantic city in the world(toronto) to spread the love!
  • 2229-12-01: To Gather Peaceably - Dark Man visits a demonstration protesting the emergence of U.N Sec-Gen Wily. To everyone's great shock, it does not end peaceably.
  • 2229-12-10: Protest Freestyle - The Irregulars lead a protest march to the United Nations parliament and give voice and rhyme to the people's discontent.
  • 2230-03-16: The Sewers of Robotropolis - It's been nearly two months since Ben died, but there are certain messes he has laying around. Ever wonder what Ben and Gate were doing last year?
  • 2230-04-01: Last Flight Of The Legendary - A stellar anomaly on Ganymede reveals a ship thought long lost - and it's not alone.
  • 2230-04-08: Fallen Angels - Kevin Walker, the pilot of the doomed UNS Legendary, is finally awake.
  • 2230-04-11: A Family Meeting Over Coffee - An older brother and younger sister meet after many years parted.
  • 2230-04-12: Hot LZ - Kevin Walker returns to Ares with his new allies from Earth. It's not quite that simple.
  • 2230-04-15: Jungle Hunt - Our heroes set out to explore a Martian ruin in the jungles of Ares.
  • 2230-04-16: The Ares Cantina - Anthem meets with Anthem on the Ares Colony canteen for a chat. No space alien band playing, alas.
  • 2230-04-29: Wave Two - DARK makes an all-out assault on Legendary Colony.
  • 2230-05-04: Twisted and Turned - The Saint Beasts attempt to rob Charite's facility in Bethesda, Maryland in search of advanced genetic data for the Science-Emperor. Rai-on approaches the matter with his usual subtlety; Byakko is looking for a fight; Kaede wasn't even supposed to be here today. Problems start in many different ways.
  • 2230-05-12: Beware As The DARK Returns - The final assault on DARK begins.
  • 2230-05-13: Are You Afraid Of The DARK - The fate of Ares rests on the unlikely shoulders of Sera as the heroes fight their final battle against the mad AI known as DARK.
  • 2230-08-02: Iron Fist - Rai-on, as strong as he has ever been, strikes at the Wudang Temple with his full strength to kill the Grandmaster. Today will be someone's end.
  • 2230-11-11: A Treasured Island - Pirates! Lost treasure! A rip-snorting tomb-raiding Halloween adventure that surely will not end in crushing psychological horror and insanity.
  • 2230-11-14: Small Stick - On an expedition to SPACE LANKA to hack a server building and rescue it's IT staff, Blueside is run through MURDERWORLD by the maniacal Arcade!
  • 2230-11-29: The Dark Man of Egypt - Ferham encounters Dark Man up to no good over Giza, so she decides to give him the Ham-Jam!
  • 2230-12-22: For Your Thighs Only - Ferham infiltrades Luna Platz's Secret Triad hideout/Fried Chicken Restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • 2231-01-03: Grave Concerns - Ferham is granted an audience with Luna Platz and Bly to discuss potential business.
  • 2231-01-07: Cinnamon & Tea - Cinnamon invites several guests for tea. A sudden attack occurs.
  • 2231-01-23: Joining Grave - Ferham meets Luna Platz and Bly to finalize her introduction into Grave.
  • 2231-02-01: Operation Pool Closure - THE AZURE STRIKER and whoever he can gull into going along with him attempt to raid a DARPA laboratory in northern Kentucky to steal Dual Avatar equipment for some fell purpose that surely do not involve online gaming. Matters rapidly become complicated.
  • 2231-02-08: Full Nelson - For a very long time Bright Man has been pondering the questions of how to introduce the maximum amount of happiness into this universe of ours and now, finally he has an answer. It may or may not include dark magic, fashionable capes and unholy amounts of illegal substances...
  • 2231-02-27: Two Reploids walk into a Cafe - Anthem runs into Ferham again in Torontreal and the latter has some 'esplainin' to do!
  • 2231-03-06: The Wily Hour - Darque Mistress Power Hour - Dr. Wily sponsors a plucky young upstart in her effort to become THE DARQUEST MISTRESS in a Wily Hour that will surely not be a train wreck of psychosexual memes.An Elvira reference will be made in every pose round.
  • 2231-03-31: An Eye For Juri Han - Luna confronts Juri Han in the Waist Deck where doctor Ray is busy seeing to her cybernetic eye replacement.
  • 2231-06-05: The Mike Bison Mysteries - Luna takes her Grave friends back in time to try to locate Mike Bison. (Also Feat. The Return of the Kavinsky.)
  • 2231-07-14: Summerfest Conspiracy - Lured by the scent of deep-fried cheese and the sound of folk music, the allies are lead further into a path of intrigue. If you're kicked out of the fair it's definitely a conspiracy. Brought to you by Grave, who is also welcome to intervene. Wear sunscreen.
  • 2231-07-14: Agent Orange - The government gets involved in the coverup in the past.

Cut Scenes