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Fiona Freeborn
Personal Information
Race Strider
Gender Female
Faction Versus
Function The Brave One
Technical Specifications
Primary Hundred Rending Legs
Type Force
Secondary Spinning Bird Kick
Type Force
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"The fear of knowing your life can end at any moment is one I know well. An afterthought, a line on a pillar."


Despite the tragedies of never knowing her mother and her father dying in Ragnarok, Fiona appears to be a rather well-adjusted young lady. Raised by the repliod Janna, Fiona is at ease around even some of the weirder mechanical beings. Upon finding out she was a Strider, she was shortly offered a chance to work alongside TASC. Seeing it as an incredible opportunity, Fiona accepted. Fiona studies under the atypical Strider Solo as a trainee and, at times, helps Greymalkin in its work. Fiona is a hard worker and skilled archer, but her greatest talents might simply be her maturity and compassion. Even though Fiona recognizes she is a lucky girl, the fires of Ragnarok have left their impact.


Friendship Is Magic, Zombies Ate Her Neighbors, And Her Dad, Who Tried To Eat Her Too, Robot Mom, The Next Generation, Wanderlust, Making Her Mother Worry, Worrying About Making Her Mother Worry, Making Her Mother Worry Anyway, The Brave One, Archery, Mature For Her Age, Tactical Planning, Mothering Kids Older Than Her, Mothering Adults, Works Hard, Goes To Bed Exhausted Every Night, Really Is A Lucky Girl, Let's Think Positive!, The Fires of Ragnarok, Superior Planning Is Magic


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  • Janna - Fiona's 'mother'. Fiona's actual mother remains something of an enigma, having perished before she was born, but she never actually knew of her or even really that much about her. Janna was someone she considered her mother for her whole life. While Janna's tendency to be overprotective can be troublesome, she nevertheless greatly respects her mom and constantly worries about causing trouble for her or making her worry. Unfortunately, Fiona is still pretty good at both.
  • Tenma - 'Auntie' Tenma is pretty wacky. Nevertheless, Fiona believes she can rely on her if the chips are down. She is presently a bit nervous about Tenma adopting a child--and not informing her SO about it in advance--but she is sure she'll be appropriately responsible about it. It sort of reminds her of her time growing up with her mom.
  • Albrecht Freeborn - Fiona's presently deceased father. She never got to know him all that well, thinking there'd be time. Every so often she remembers something he did or said, but he was a busy single parent in the end. She feels guilty about not having been able to do anything to save him, and being helpless at the time, which may account for her rolling of eyes when she's told to stay back or reconsider her life path as a warrior. She visits him at the War Pillars at least twice a year, often more.
  • Ciel Mallory and Friends - Jaune and Rouge naturally have Fiona's greatest sympathies. Seiryuu is adorable. While normally Fiona would be slow to forgive the brains behind Neo Arcadia, Fiona believes she genuinely feels guilty about her role and is happy to be a friend for her. If her mom forgave her, she certainly could. Also she let her babysit a dragon, how awesome is that? Aside from medical issues, Fiona is probably more the responsible adult to Ciel than the other way around.
  • Geo Stelar - He saved the world. Kind of hard to hate someone who saved the world. But nevertheless, Fiona can't help but be jealous. He's done so much, and at such a young age, that he's probably one of the bigger sources of insecurity with Fiona. She hopes to one day prove herself to be as important and capable as Geo. Her jealousy is tempered considerably by the fact that Geo lost his own father albeit temporarily. Fiona nonetheless holds out hope that her own father may get the 'Kelvin Stelar' treatment and come back out of the blue some day but Geo's kindness has kept her from getting resentful over Geo's good luck. Nevertheless, Fiona often has to be the responsible adult for Geo Stelar, having on at least one occasion dragged him off to bed.
  • Pureri - Pureri may be older than her but Fiona is pretty damn sure she's the adult between the two, often having to remind Pureri that she isn't a lone teenager but an actual freaking commander with adult responsibilities. It's sad, she thinks, that Pureri never got to emotionally mature up to her age but she's going to have to be an adult if she's going to be a successful commander. She's a good inspirational tool at the very least. Fiona learns how not to behave from her. That said, though, Fiona doesn't dislike Pureri. On the contrary, she sort of triggers Fiona's protective instincts. She may be able to take care of herself physically but Fiona thinks she's needed on other matters.
  • Solo - Solo saved Fiona from falling off a train once. Ultimately, this led Fiona to ask him to be her teacher. Solo's unconventional teaching methodology suits Fiona well though the fact that she's a young girl seems to trouble him. He, along with Kraft, reminds her of Dad. She's rather loyal to him and hopes to make him proud. Fiona's sociable nature reacts weirdly to Solo's loner attitude. Fiona has promised him to not go crazy. She also constantly tries to feed him.
  • Kraft - Mom introduced her to Houseman once. Fiona has since decided to look after him, figuring that's what her mother would want her to do. This doesn't mean of course that Kraft can't take care of himself, but he seems lonely and could use good friends. Fiona does her best to be one for him. Some of his actions may be controversial, but Fiona suspects what's best for him is ultimately to not feel alone, not be judged. Even with the harshest criticism of his behavior, far worse have been granted clemency.
  • Miranda Stoddard - Miranda is a sweet girl. Fiona treats her more like another teenager than an adult, but she can turn into a mermaid! How cool is that?
  • Tony Sandoval - He's pretty intense, but doesn't seem to be a bad guy. The way he's detached, well, she can see how it rubs people off in a bad way but the way he treats Miranda (as opposed to Jeremy) clearly proves he's not a bad guy.
  • Jeremy White - Fiona is not dumb enough to trust Jeremy White. He's not as good at IntSec as he thinks he is, though his willingness to throw people under the bus for his own rep probably helps him a great deal.
  • Dr. Wily - A good tipper, but he expects a lot out of you.
  • AirCon Man and Bright Man - The happiest Robot Masters are really the creepiest in ways the more openly violent ones aren't.
  • Dr. Doppler - His crimes were truly monstrous, and she doesn't think he ever really truly redeemed himself. It was all for his children, right? Even in the end, he was more concerned for them than the billions he made suffer. She's privately glad he's dead.
  • Aino Neitola - A sweet lady. She shows great concern for her wellbeing without being patronizing about it. She seems lonely. Fiona wonders if her mom would have been like Aino if she was still alive.
  • Depth Dragoon - An adorablely sweet reploid, if pretty weird! His PSAs are a thing of surreal beauty.
  • Snipe Anteater - He seems lonely. Friendship time!
  • Whisper - She's scarred by what happened to her, Fiona can't blame her. Fiona wants to be her friend, no doubt for similar reasons as to why Kraft reached out to her. Doesn't mean Fiona will let her underestimate her, but she's barely older than she is. She deserves kindness, not judgement.
  • Tsel Dybbuk - Jerk
  • Durandal - Sweet
  • Bly - What a nice young man! Fiona doesn't know why everybody says he's some sort of vampire monster, Luna's lucky to have him.
  • Hi-Max - Hi-Max owes Fiona a lot of ice cream.
  • Rock - Getting Rock to back down via laying down the law may have been the most powerful lesson she learned for the future. She will not be underestimated. He is kind of arrogant like his father.
  • Red - She doesn't really care that he punched her. Everybody else is probably more pissed off about that than Fiona is. She's not a delicate snowflake.
  • Iris - Fiona used to look up to Iris, but when it was revealed she basically started the Maverick Wars, she was conflicted for some time. She has settled on forgiveness but is unsure if she ever got her final letter.
  • Roll - Smart, witty, and not crazy! What a wonderful person.
  • Protoman/Dark Man - Fiona does not fear him nor does she obsess over revenge, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice.
  • Atlas - She seems reasonable and nice, Fiona wouldn't mind facing her again but maybe once she's learned more. Despite being an opponent, she doesn't seem crazy.
  • Chao Jie Kung - Another honorable warrior. Fiona doesn't think he's all that bad a guy
  • Norton Sharp - He thanked her in a sincere and powerful way once. Fiona hasn't forgotten.
  • Admiral Wilhelm - Fiona looked up to him before he defected. She can't help but be disappointed.


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