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Fire Man
Fire Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number DRN 007
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Irregulars
Function Shock and Awe
Assignment Burninating Blackguards
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Firefighting... The Other Way Around
Secondary Specialty Mettalurgy and Waste Management
Primary Fire Storm
Type Fire
Secondary Conflagoration
Type Fire
Buster Colors Red & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am the candle whose light pierces the darkness."


Fire Man today is a different being than the one Dr. Wily reprogrammed nearly thirty years ago. Filled with hate and a desire to destroy everything, the former waste-disposal robot was a potent weapon until Dr. Light was killed at the hands of Dr. Wily. His programming broken, Fire Man turned on his former master, and has since had to start his life over. His rage and hate has been replaced with a quiet thoughtfulness, and he takes special care with the application of his fire as a tool and a weapon, never letting it out of his control. Knowing that he has been a weapon for most of his life, he has dedicated his second chance to fighting what he feels is wrong, especially his old "family" in the Robot Masters.


Abrasiveness, Cooking, Hotheadedness, Walking Hibachi Grill, Angry Master is Angry, I Got Ssssteam Heat!, Need a Light?, Hot Stuff, Comin' Through!, Comes In Four Flavors, Napalm, Steering Wheel In July, Overcooked Hot Pocket, And Broken Record of Paris Hilton, All This And Many More Heat-Related Puns!


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To be added when apped.


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