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Fistleo Predatoroid
Fistleo Predatoroid.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Fistleo Predatoroid
Race Pseudoroid
Gender Male
Birth Date March 16 2222
Serial Number PSN-004
Function Melee Combat
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Punching People
Weapons Fists, Fire, and Fire Fists.
Primary Pyro Crusher
Type Fire
Secondary Warmth Thief
Type Fire
Buster Colors Red & Yellow
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you will not accept your destiny, then you will have to accept your end!"


Fistleo Predatoroid is a boisterous and confident fighter with a philosophical bent. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Psyche and Dr. Stevenson, Fistleo can often be found considering the nature of life and society even in the midst of combat. Fistleo finds the points of view of others intensely interesting, even if he ultimately knows the true nature of the universe because of his unique construction. A missionary for the expanding order of Ouroboros, Fistleo will courteously discuss his point of view with anyone, even as he pummels an opponent in close combat. His constant civilized discussion can grate on enemies and allies alike, as Fistleo believes any time is appropriate for a lengthy discussion of the ideal organization of society. In battle, Fistleo controls the power of fire, and can collect thermal energy from others to regenerate his own damage. Fistleo is also an avid fighting game player, though he tends to favor "broken" characters to optimize his own performance.


Ken Masters, Fists of Fire, Gentleman Lion, Digging via Punching, THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED, Wannbe Philosophy Major, Gentleman Even While Punching You