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Flammole Moleroid
Flammole Moleroid.jpg
Personal Information
Race Pseudoroid
Gender Male
Function Digging Robot
Technical Specifications
Primary Magma Launcher
Type Fire
Secondary Deep Burrow
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX
Theme Song

Character Data

"I could feel your presence from a mile away."


Flammole Moleroid is an irreverent street-smart robot who enjoys collateral damage. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Psyche and Dr. Stevenson, Flammole was made to bore through the Earth quickly to get the jump on his opponents. A fast-moving but not especially agile robot, Flammole quickly deploys to an area so to efficiently set it on fire. A sassy robot, Flammole is quick to banter and quip in battle about the low quality of his opponents, the relative unfavorable power of their attacks compared to his own, and the poor quality of their parental lineage. Flammole also enjoys doing a running monologue of his present situation when no one will otherwise respond to him, describing his exploits in heroic detail no matter how poor the situation may be. A high-density SONAR system allows Flammole to navigate through solid rock, as well as allowing him to act as a covert sentry to locate subterranean threats. Flammole's constant talking makes him poor at stealth, limiting his ability to surprise his opponents.