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Flash Man
Flash Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Flash Man Wily
Code Name Timex
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date 02-22-2200
Serial Number DWN 014
Faction Robot Masters
Function Temporal Warfare
Assignment Break The Rules
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Temporal Warfare
Secondary Specialty Chronomage
Primary Time Stopper
Type Energy
Secondary Flash Blind
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"The sands of time are a fickle thing. It's a good thing I can turn the hourglass anyway I want."


Flash Man is one of the original (not-stolen) creations of Doctor Albert Wily. Flash Man was the debut of one of Wily's investions: the Timestopper device. While the device does not give a destructive power, it does give Flash Man a great advantage in battle. Since Flash Man has probably had the most experience with Timestopper he probably also has the best grasp of how to use it. This has not made him arrogant, but it had made him a little bit more fun-loving that most people would expect. One of the biggest procrastinators on the planet, Flash Man never really does anything on any sort of time schedule. He likes to play jokes on other people by freezing them in time or stopping time so that he could just change a few things in order to make the situation just a little bit more helpful for himself. He has been noted to be a little more aloof than his other Masters as to why no one really knows, but once he finally gets involved he is typically a hilarious individual who likes to play with the space time continuum. He has honed his ability with the Timestopper to the point that he can actually stop indivudals in time with his Timestopper.


Sense of Time, Cruel Humor, Sarcastic Wit, Master of Time




  • 2230-03-08: Ben Kavinsky Memorial - Bright Man, the RMs and GENOCIDE take a day to honor Ben, and Versus shows up.

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