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Personal Information
Real Name Fliptop
Code Name Project Eddie
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date April 22, 2212 (Earth Day)
Serial Number DCN-001
Faction Versus
Function Item Depository
Assignment Mid-level Resupply
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Support Unit
Secondary Specialty Reconnaissance
Primary Eddie Bombs
Type Explosive
Secondary Power Dive
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"EEEP! I KNEW I brought one of those, it has to be here SOMEWHERE!"


Playful and friendly, Fliptop, or Eddie, has always been one of the most energetic and helpful androids, regardless of his small stature. Built by Dr. Cain, Fliptop was originally designed as a mobile support unit: most of him is a large subspace storage area, built to move into and out of combat zones without drawing attention. Extreme shyness makes him slow to open up to others, but to those he knows well he's a bit of a chatterbox. Being small and helps him get into tight places, but his lack of weaponry or defensive capabilities sometimes gets the little guy in over his head. Currently he serves as a lab assistant in Light Labs, working with Roll.


Sneaking Around, Nervousness, Supply Storage