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Personal Information
Real Name Foucalt Amadeus Matthews
Code Name Foucalt
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Julie Matthews
Serial Number DMN 002
Faction Mavericks
Function Rampant Destruction
Technical Specifications
Primary Positron Annihilation
Type Energy Force
Buster Colors Violet and Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you."


There is little sadder than a fallen hero. Foucalt exemplifies this ideal. Once a true paragon of, if not virtue, then at the very least heroism. Willing to sacrifice everything for the good of all, charging into battle without fear. With his brother and sister at his side, he feared nothing. That is, until the Sigma Virus took hold. His natural jealousy at being the youngest was heightened when his newest brother arrived. With technology based upon his, he took it, in his infection, to mean he was being replaced. Sorrow and feelings of abandonment turned to towering rage and hatred, and he became everything he fought against. Wielding his powers over gravity, he turned on his family and friends. Woe to those who have wronged him.


He was the second of the Matthews brothers to be created. He enlisted in Repliforce very soon after his creation, but left very soon after. Military life was too stifling and rigid for him. For a time, he became a mercenary, doing his best to do good while trying to survive. After a particularly destructive assault on a Drone Factory, he was invited to return home, so to speak.

Various adventures and shenanigans were had with his family. Things were fine until, tragicly, two things happened at once. He got a new brother and he was infected with the Sigma Virus. His feelings of abandonment were amplified, and his hatred grew to encompass his whole family and the whole world. He fled, dropping knee to Sigma and pledging his life to the Emperor. He served for a time, crushing his enemies, avoiding his family for as long as he could until the time came.

Eventually, he faced Durandal in mortal combat. Only one would survive. In the beginning, it was an even match. Blow for blow, strike for strike. As it went on, though, Foucalt give up. He left himself open. He didn't take openings. He used risky techniques that, while heavily damaging, were less tacticly sound than smaller, more accurate ones. In the end, he fell upon Durandal's blade and perished. There was no redemption in death, his last words were spiteful, hateful. He died as he lived the last chapter of his life; A creature of hate and anger.


  • His Primary, like the rest of the robo-family, was a 9 Ranged Energy Gravity Inefficient Rebound. Prohibitively expensive in the WE system.
  • He basically became Darth Vader after his infection.
  • Almost every time he used his primary, his arms exploded. The running gag was that Rigger had a closetful of spares.


Cut Scenes