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The One Without Glasses
The One Without Glasses
Personal Information
Real Name Christine Yamada
Code Name Four-Eyes
Race xDeo
Gender Female
Faction Grave
Function Wolfpack - "Scientist"
Technical Specifications
Primary Experimental Treatment
Type Corrosive
Secondary Try This It Might Work
Type Corrosive
OOC Information
Game Operation Raccoon City
Theme Song

Character Data

"Science is a tool without a moral dimension."


Christine "Four-Eyes" Yamada is what happens when parental ambition runs unchecked. Both of her parents were biologists and wanted Christine to follow their example. They subsidized an excellent education for Christine, paying for tutors and cram schools to build her up as fast as they could. Christine entered college when she was only a teenager, earning an exclusive internship with Umbrella. She drew Albert Wesker's fateful attention, leading her into the Umbrella Security Service as a field researcher on viral weapons and BOWs. While a brilliant virologist, Christine finds herself aloof from others, often perplexed by the rich social world around her. Like Beltway, Four-Eyes has little empathy for other human beings, mostly seeing them as objects of intellectual curiosity. She does what is most efficient, following orders precisely without regard for their moral consequences. Four-Eyes is fascinated by how the various bioweapons at her disposal affect living beings, finding gruesome death deeply interesting. To her, science must advance no matter what the cost. Four-Eyes dislikes her codename as she has above-average vision and a very poor sense of humor. She is a regular target of Beltway's antics, which usually forces Lupo to intervene.


Non-Allied Ciel, What Happens When I Do This?, Science Must Advance, We're So Close To A Breakthrough, Your Life Is Not More Important Than Progress, Albert Wesker is a Good Role Model, Secret Crush: Edward Kirk, A Sheldon Cooper OC




  • 2230-10-14: The Orihime Incident - When legal extradition fails to get Dr. Orihime out of Atlantis and into jail, the US tries to do it themselves with a black ops squad.

Cut Scenes