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Frank West
Frank West.png
Personal Information
Real Name Frank West
Code Name None
Race Human
Gender Male
Serial Number Withheld
Faction Versus
Function World's Toughest Photographer
Assignment Tell It Like It Is
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Photojournalism
Secondary Specialty Being Hardcore
Weapons Whatever is around
Primary Somersault Kick
Type Physical
Secondary Servbot Head
Type Physical
Buster Colors Black & White
OOC Information
Game Dead Rising
Voice Actor T.J. Rotolo (Frank's VA from Dead Rising)
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't make my living waitin' for the TV to tell me what to cover."


Prior to his involvement with Light Labs, Frank West was a freelance photojournalist covering the Robot Wars on the front lines. Hardy and all but fearless, Frank went where other photographers feared to go slipping into combat zones even when told to stay away. Considering himself one of the last great still photographers, he seeks to move people with his pictures, but more importantly tell the truth, even if the truth is an ugly one. Recruited into the Maverick Hunters after the Willamette incident, he followed Roll to Light Labs after the dissolution of the group several years ago. Cocky and perhaps a little aggressive in the pursuit of a story, beneath his rough exterior hides a caring soul, willing to do whatever it takes to help people, be it through his camera or by taking the matter into his own hands.


Photography, Journalism Major, Sports Medicine Minor (Contact Sports), Improvisation, Juice Mixing, Cast Iron Stomach, Being A GNN Reporter Means That I Do Not Fear Death, The Pen May Be Mightier Than The Sword But The Drill Is Way Better Than Both