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Freeze Man
Freeze Man.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Freeze Man
Code Name Deep Freeze
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date January 8, 2205
Serial Number DWN-049
Faction Robot Masters
Function Cryo Assault
Assignment Aid Junk Man
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Cryogenic Assault
Secondary Specialty Straight Thuggin'
Primary Freeze Cracker
Type Ice
Secondary Freeze Shell
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman 7
Theme Song

Character Data

"Being this good is not just my right, but my responsibility."


Freeze Man is a vicious, agressive, often merciless android who cares little for anything but himself. The other Robot Masters find his particular brand of cruelty, unpredictability and ego very contemptable, and barely tolerate his presence. Taking capriciousness to an extreme, others find it difficult to gauge what mood he's in ... and whether or not he'll stay that way. Known to go from cheerful and outgoing to savagely violent in an alarmingly short amount of time, the only people that normally escape the destructive aspect of his mood swings are his siblings. Normally. He has no remorse for harming others; loves freezing friends and foes alike solid with his Freeze Cracker, then beating them while they are stunned. He can also use his weapon to layer surfaces in ice, making them treacherous to step on. Unlike other cold-bots, he isn't weakened by fire or heat weapons. His insistance on getting up close and brutal makes a shield weapon an effective attack.


Ice Skating, Surefooted, Random Acts of Violence and Senseless Destruction, Capricious Mood Swings, Ice Sculpture, Singing Badly, Stubbornness, Overconfidence, Terror Is An Art Not An Emotion, Giving the Cold Shoulder, Making Ice Cubes




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