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Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Merc with a Muzzle
Assignment Stop Causing Incidents
Technical Specifications
Primary Full Auto Magnum
Type Physical
Secondary Assault Rifle
Type Physical
Buster Colors Steel Blue & Gunmetal Gray
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Where are the ninjas?! There's ALWAYS ninjas after this part!"


Society once knew Frenzic as 'Rush Raccoon', a Repliforcer who was created just before the end of the original Wily altercation. He became involved with the battle against Sigma and nearly died during the fighting, then found himself recruited by the Maverick Hunters. After a short time in the Hunters, Rush became homesick for the Repliforce, and sought out to rejoin when they were briefly decommissioned. Rush left the Repliforce after a storied military career that included things such as seeing through the fall of Neo Arcadia in South America to battling dimensional crises. He retired for a bit, but soon got bored of a civilian life. Ending up in LEGIONS as a U.N. agent, and then TASC generally allowed him to do the most good. That changed when he encountered a Maverick from his personal and war torn past. Being unable to bring what he felt was peace to his friends and the humans 'it' killed by being unable to kill 'it' under the rule of law, Frenzic resigned from his work to join Kraft in his crusade with the Greymalkin Arsenal.


Tech: Local Broadcast Intercept, Sensor Nets, Explosives. Military: Small Squad Tactics, Airship Command, Ride Armor Piloting, Ballistic, Energy and Explosive Weapon Usage, Frenetic Amnesiac, The Bad Penny, World Traveler, Has In Fact Been Shot By Better People Than You, Upgraded And Downgraded, One Good Raccoon In A World Gone Mad, That Guy You Should Have Killed When You Had The Chance, But You Didn't, And Now You're Paying For It Because He's In Your Base Firing Rockets At The Big Red Glowing Weak Point, Hunters Never Leave Hunters Behind, Kaz?


(NOTE: I am pulling this from memory. Some of it may be wrong or misordered. Deal with it. I am sure it's 'mostly' correct.)

Early Years

Rush Raccoon (Originally: Psycho Procyon) started life as a project for Triads by Dr. Zetlin. Doc Zetlin was a cool guy--- he got the Triads to pay his way through college and classes, and when he was done, he'd use that knowledge to build them Reploids. He made a few. Then Dr. Zetlin had a chance of heart. He couldn't bring himself to give the children he created to a criminal organization. He turned states evidence, and his Reploids, which had not left initial stasis yet, were re-kitted, renamed and reprogrammed for the Repliforce as part of his plea deal. By the time Rush was activated, the initial Robot Wars (The fight against the Robot Masters and the Repliforce.) were over. He was one of a lucky few to be activated in a rare peacetime to fill the losses in smaller squads.Rush found himself a member of Polaris Squadron, a small team that was setup in Sydney Australia, a fast response team meant to handle the occasional robotic / cyborg powered bank robber or terrorist or natural disasters. Life was boring. He got all the mook work as the junior member--- long days in the in/out gate surrounding the compound he was stationed. Picking up Pizza orders at the gate and other menial tasks.The members of his squad were: Saber, a humanoid reploid based on cryogenics and a beam saber that used similar technology- and squad leader, Wave Dolphin- the aquatics expert, Strike Cheetah, fast melee combat, Crush Rhino- defense coordinator, and Wind Gull- the aerial support. Rush replaced their assault expert- who was KIA during the first Robot War. Strike and Rush immediately 'got in a thing'. Strike seemed to act oddly around humans- like someone might expect to act around a big giant bug on the ground and they didn't like it. Rush never thought much about this. It was harmless. Right?


Then everything went to hell in Sydney in 2206 on November 13th. Sydney exploded when the CRF started burning it and everything was convoluted mess. Strike Cheetah defected and murdered Crush Rhino first- in cold blood- as he represented the biggest threat the team had and it was a surprise strike to take him down when he was unaware- then she ran, cackling like some sort of loony villain in a cartoon. The rest of Polaris Squadron- cut off from most contact, made the decision to round up as many civilians as they could- protect them- and get to an evac point over the course of the coming days. This was very hard. Humans weren't exactly willing to deal with any robot coming up to them at this moment. In the end- they were able to round up very little.Then, one by one, Strike Cheetah came- killing off all the members of the Squadron, all while giving the same ultimatum, Join the CRF or die. When they refused to do so, she killed them - and their protected charges in bloody, violent strikes. In the end, only Saber and Rush were left- the former keeping the later alive through his sensor net- though eventually- Rush's net was shocked into darkness by a carefully laid trap and Strike Cheetah was able to finish off Saber. Rush was alone. He ended up retreating to a comms center with anyone he was able to gather and try to make outside contact. Strike Cheetah came. She made the same ultimatum as she did the others. Rush said no. She ripped his net out to die a slow death. This failed. Rush still doesn't know why. He found himself waking up days later- and the Repliforce considering him KIA- a status they were not willing to rescind due the nature of the events of the Sydney attack. He found himself wandering the world trying to make sense of himself.

Maverick Hunters

Rush Raccoon found himself in the Maverick Hunters when he related his story to one in a bar. He got the 'invitation' not soon after. He accepted. He accepted because it was a chance to do what he wanted to do- to quell the images in his head and bring peace to all the people and friends he saw killed.

Repliforce, Again

Then Repliforce relaxed it's policies when it became a big PMC. Rush was homesick and wanted to recapture the feeling of his team in Sydney again. This didn't work as he intended long term, but it did give him a more ordered sense of purpose. He saw Neo Arcadia destroyed. He ended up an Airship Commander for a bit. He left after Ragnarok when he realized he was done.


Rush tried to get into a civilian life as a record store owner. This failed, so he enrolled as a standard UN field agent and ended up attached to LEGIONS- where he picked up the 'callsign' of 'Frenzic'. He did a lot of hilarious things to try to punch Nebula in the face because Rush remembered Black SHIELD- such as make a mess on Mars in Avalon and some smaller clandestine ops when he was picked up by TASC when LEGIONS released many of it's Elites as part of a downsizing.

Rush had a storied and awesome career until well. The past came back.

Strike Cheetah and Greymaklin

So Strike Cheetah resurfaced and tried to attempt a shitty attempt at PsychOps at Rush. This hilariously backfired into a many day chase that ended up with Rush trying to fullsale kill Strike Cheetah after surrendering to Star Force forces. Though Rush was not officially super reprimanded for this affair- he still left off on his own accord to go join Kraft in Greymalkin- as he had realized he couldn't bring the peace of mind he had hoped to bring through official channels all these years.

--The Story Goes On!......


  • Frenzic has a nice comprehensive sensor and visual scanning suite. His 'Mask' and 'Tail Stripes' serves as a sensitive receiver. It's this network that makes him sensitive to being shot with electricity. Some UN tech found out it could also be used as a base of a local radio decryption suite- and added some routines to be able to feed his sensor information to local allies.
  • Frenzic had a shoulder cannon he gave up when he signed back up for UN service . He pulled it out of mothballs recently due to a sense of nostalgia. It's capable of shooting a mid-power laser, launching rockets and lobbing grenades. Rockets get fed in from a gravity feed near the back of the gun, and grenades are fed in from a belt on the bottom back of the cannon. It isn't unique or a custom weapon, other cannons exist like it.
  • Frenzic is a ridiculous code name the UN gave him. He thinks it suits him. His real name is Rush Raccoon. It isn't a secret.
  • Frenzic has what amounts to 'crushes' on five people. Three of them are Reploids, Two of them are Human. Frenzic doesn't act odd around them because he is not a hormonal fourteen year old. Frenzic doesn't act on them because he knows the reception he'll receive. You will never figure them out.
  • Never.
  • On that matter, Frenzic had a hilarious stint where he tried dating. They all ended poorly and one ended with him being shot in the foot.
  • Frenzic believes in the death penalty for extreme cases of people unsuitable for rehabilitation, due to the proven fact that these people just end up being released from their boxes sooner or later by other powers. Overclock is case in point. He isn't particularly interested in making it a common solution to everyone that goes to jail for things like common violent crime.
  • Frenzic liked the good ol' days where it was just 'point gun at Maverick and/or Robot Master and/or Neo Arcadian and shoot.' but at the same time doesn't particularly miss them.
  • Frenzic's original design was a fast intercept robot loaded with explosives to slow down fast targets. It's why his name was 'Rush' Raccoon. When Velocity Stats stopped being a thing, and he was re-apped as Frenzic. (Player had intended to retire the character peacefully but I liked him too much!) - he kept the dash jets and hover ability- but can't keep the max speeds he could in the past. Instead he is slightly more armored and resists being shot in the face.



  • 2222-07-10: Smiling Faces And Open Arms - Dr. James Marcus is in LEGIONS custody. The Hunters decide an assassination is in order.
  • 2223-02-20: Scutum Bulwark vs. The World - Aino Neitola is rescued. A new Super Saiyan emerges.
  • 2226-06-22: Lords of War - Two lords of war clash.
  • 2226-07-04: Medals For Everyone - The defenders of the White House earn a reward.
  • 2227-07-06: Crescent Moon Rockman Episode 9: Freak Like Me - The Mavericks, the Robot Masters and even the FMians have taught Zack Temple one thing: the only way you can live like you wish is by having the power to destroy everything in your path.
  • 2228-01-03: The Iron Goat Begins - Claude meets his destined rival, the Iron Goat.
  • 2229-12-16: Only Happy When It Rains - Nephilim undertakes a perilous B&E op on Catherine Rain's apartment.
  • 2230-06-04: Science Fiction Double Feature - Versus and friends take Zelkin to the movies. Everyone talks during the film. For shame. Oh and then Rai-on shows up.
  • 2230-10-31: Villainous Halloween Party - Luna Platz throws a halloween party for Grave and friends!
  • 2231-02-09: America F Yeah - As part of the recent tax bill, the American government attempts to seize assets from a Light Labs-owned company in America, which in turn escalates wildly into a running battle between elite military units in the middle of Atlanta. Traffic doesn't get any worse.