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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Female
Faction Black SHIELD
Function Intelligence
Technical Specifications
Primary Armageddon Trumpet
Type Sonic Force
Buster Colors Purple & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman Mush
Theme Song

Character Data

"If you have a problem with the world, become a hermit already."


Gabriel was a hacking android constructed by Black SHIELD to decrypt Dr. Doppler's research on the Reploid neural net. Antisocial, crude, mean, and at least sixty five percent insane, Gabriel was an unpopular figure within the United Nations intelligence community. After learning her conditioning was a lie, Gabriel uploaded herself into the net and lived there for a time out of hurt rage before being summoned again to assist Arkady. In actuality, she betrayed Black SHIELD and assisted in its downfall. The world run by law did not come as she had expected and she grew into a bitter and self-hateful person before dying in what appeared to be a failed attempt to save Duo.EXE from Ra Moon. Her desires oscillated between seeing the world consumed by the very flames it had fanned -- and preventing that very fate from befalling it.


Cut Scenes