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Galaxy Man
Galaxy Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Space Scientist
Technical Specifications
Primary Black Hole Bomb
Type Force
Secondary Tunnel Of Funnel
Type Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman 9
Theme Song

Character Data

"Conquering the Earth will be small potatoes to conquering space!"


Galaxy Man doesn't think much of the Earth, focusing instead on outer space. Designed to oversee Wily's space operations, Galaxy Man is capable of executing enormously complex calculations to fire rockets from space at other planets in our solar system in seconds. While he willingly helps out his brothers in their plans to achieve world domination, Galaxy Man wants to spread out to conquer other planets, other solar systems, and even other galaxies. He spends long reconnaissance missions at Earth's Lagrange points in an effort to locate as-yet undiscovered stars so to attempt to name them after Dr. Wily. Galaxy Man's futuristic outlook is regularly opposed by the more down-to-earth Concrete Man, who claims that there is still plenty of work to do on Earth. However, Galaxy Man's dreams of deep space travel get closer with every passing day.


Astronomy, Astrophysics, Extreme Calculus, Reads All The Space Science Journals, Constantly Has His Head In The Stars, Wants To Find Aliens (So To Conquer Them), Dreams Of Other Worlds, Still Has To Live In Ours




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