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Personal Information
Real Name Project Gate
Code Name Midboss
Race Android
Gender Male
Creator/s The Professor
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number Scoured from UN databanks
Email Gate@GenoCITIES.tor
Divisions SCIENCE!
Function The Favorite Son
Assignment Unlocked
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Exotic Physics & Technological Synthesis
Secondary Specialty Synthetic Psychology
Weapons Quantum Forces, Exotic Energies & Your Own Insecurities
Primary Nightmare Protocol
Type Energy
Secondary Energy Orb
Type Energy
Buster Colors Gold & Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Voice Actor David Sobolov
Theme Song De Staat - Witch Doctor

Character Data

"Carve all away until the Truth lies bare for all to see, that is the revelation of science."


Gate is an amoral and brilliant android driven by his desire to gain total understanding of the universe. Created by The Professor as an offshoot of Project Dynamic, Gate was intended to be a machine with special intellectual capabilities. Lacking some of the raw power of his sibling machines, he makes up for it with broad scientific understanding and an ability to self actualize that more combat oriented units traditionally lack. Much like Prometheus and Pandora, it appears that one of the most important aspects of Project Gate's development was the exclusion of any sort of a conscience. A treacherous and brilliant machine, Gate is a master of synthesizing new technologies from other people's work. Gate's ability to persist in spite of heroic efforts to scour his consciousness from the face of the cosmos seems enduring evidence that the universe is an unfair place.


Programming, Engineering, Science, Science!, Virology, Fundamental Universal Forces, Fundamental Cosmic Powers, Reversing The Polarity Of The Neutron Flow, Intellectual Property Theft, Perfectionist, Message Delivery, In Your Faction Stealing Your Dudes, Takes After His Father, Damned


Gate first came onto the world stage as a researcher from the UN investigating Martian sciences at the Atlantis installation with the assistance of a team of Reploids either made or augmented with his Dream Protocol, an early effort to study and counteract the Maverick Virus. Soon after he was attached to Interpol and his descent began.

Efforts to cure the Maverick Virus were inherently tainted with unethical practices. When the Sigma Virus and its derivatives appeared matters only became worse. Following the murder of one of his creations by Neo Arcadian Human supremacists, Gate lost any and all restraint. He has been a menace ever since.

In the service of his creator, The Professor, Gate applied his special brand of research to bolstering China's war machine. Having seemingly given up on the mass creation of robot children, Gate explored esoteric and strange sciences associated with Quantum Mechanics, Orgone Field Theory and the study of Light and Dark Matter.

Today his work continues, having followed Dr. Jeffrey Stevenson out of Oroboros to the science terrorism organization GENOCIDE. Without the restrictions placed on him by working for a nation full of superhuman ninja it is only a matter of time before the world sees what Professor Gate can really do.


  • Cleaning up Gate's base designs has kept Picket Bros in the black for years.
  • Having Gate as a creator is a 2 point Flaw in the Storyteller System
  • Gate has been married twice, there were no survivors.
  • Prismatic Spider has not yet surpassed Gate for the #2 spot on the MUSH's 'most prolific playable creator' list.
  • Gate has made evil Nazi beef.
  • Gate has made a Force Metal reactor purely for the byproducts.
  • It usually really IS Gate's fault.


Unlocked Gate

Gate has created several Reploid OCs over the years but is not a source for them now. The Reploid codebase has fallen out of favor with Gate in preference to custom built Androids and Pseudoroids, but he so often finds himself bound up in other, more exotic projects. Gate is a source of Biometal-based Power Armor on the game as well as cybernetics of all sorts. If you do feel the urge to join the game's second most dysfunctional family, however, Gate IS making Gatebots again. There is also a wide array of preexisting members of his unruly brood, ready to express shock and horror that their father is somehow still alive.

Just remember: Gate is a horrible person.