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Personal Information
Real Name Prof. Gaudile, 'Daddy'.
Code Name Contractor 2215-G
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date 2215
Serial Number GLGEX-2215124
Faction Independent
Function Geologist/Technician
Assignment Tenko's Kawaii Killers
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Geophysicist - Mecha-Botanist
Secondary Specialty Force Metal
Weapons Virtual
Primary Welding Torch
Type Fire
Secondary Nervous Breakdown
Type Physical
Buster Colors Yellow & Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song %r'Take Me Away' - Globus%r'Mr. Boombastic' - Shaggy

Character Data

"You could ask me a hundred, even a thousand times, but I'll never help to build weapons of war."


A geologist by trade, Gaudile never intended to become a reploid builder. However, when he found a mysterious substance he dubbed Force Metal in an undersea crater, he could only think of one use for it. He built Cinnamon, a reploid specifically designed to use the Metal, and to channel energy through it... an act which put him on the scientific map for a field he only barely studied. A pacifist, Gaudile would never purposely build a weapon, and refuses to fight under almost any condition. However, his unusual interests occasionally put him in situations he'd rather not be involved in. Sometimes considered a recluse, he's naturally shy, and prefers the company of a computer and the safety of a forest to a busy city. Having a squat design and stubby limbs, Gaudile has developed an attachment for his back that gives him a few extra operating arms to work with, complete with modular tools. The additional limbs are also useful in computer hacking, and Gaudile is a bit more adventurous than usual in the digital world. Though Force Metal has attracted international interest, Gaudile considers geology and botany his favorite topic of research, and Cinnamon as more of a daughter than a tool.


Pacifist Platypus, Not Doctor Octopus, Hero-Wannabe on the Internet, Knowledge: Force Metal, Knowledge: Geology, Knowledge: Mechabotany, Knowledge: Nature, Not Really a Reploid Designer, The Spice Cabinet, My Daughter Can Beat Up Your Honor Roll Student, Platypus, Not A Beaver, Not A Duck, A Platypus, No, I Don't Have Some Kind Of "Issue" With That, I Just Want You To Be Accurate, I AM A PLATYPUS AND I WILL CUT YOU IF YOU CALL ME A DUCK ONE MORE ^(&$ING TIME