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Gaus Magrevich
Gaus Magrevich.jpg
Personal Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction TASC
Function Magrevich Industries CEO
Technical Specifications
Primary Rocket Run
Type Fire
Buster Colors Red & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Battle Network 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"We all must fight against the chaos our enemies want for this world."


Gaus Magrevich is a man who has led many lives. In his youth, he was part of the COMMANDO team, codenamed "Super Joe", the Rocket Commando. Gaus was chosen for the COMMANDO team because of his peak physical condition, pushing the upper limits of what the UN military believed the human body was capable of. Gaus and his COMMANDO colleagues fought Grandmaster Meio through China, ultimately winning the peace against Meio at a terrible personal cost. Gaus believed himself to be the only survivor, and returned to normal service afterward. Gaus rose to the rank of General before he retired to a relatively peaceful position as an instructor at the ADF Academy so to get married and raise a family. Gaus was in Sydney during the initial attack of the CRF that claimed the life of his wife, which prompted him to push for more human militarization rather than continued construction of Reploids. Gaus gradually became a full-time robot fighter as the Robot Wars continued, but his comraderie with Repliforce made him a controversial figure. Gaus briefly became Australia's head of state after Sigma killed most of the Australian government, which ultimately led to his departure from civil service once normality had been restored. With the conspiracy-related murder of his father, Gaus took over Magrevich Industries, which he has led to record profits and prestige. Now a corporate CEO, Gaus continues to maintain his second life as the Rocket Commando to once more do battle against Grandmaster Meio.



Cut Scenes

  • 2222-06-08: A Train To Catch - Gaus Magrevich reflects on how much of a mess his life has become.