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Gemini Man
Gemini Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Gemini Man
Code Name Number Nine: The Devil, Alias Dragonfly
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date June 2, 2201
Serial Number DWN 019
Faction Grave
Function Number 9: The Devil
Assignment Get milk, eggs, bread
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Terrorism, plotting
Secondary Specialty Holographic illusion
Weapons Lasers, Holograms, Ice, Electricity, Impromptu Weaponry, and High Explosives
Primary Gemini Laser
Type Energy
Secondary Gemini Twin
Type Energy Physical
Buster Colors Ice Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman 3
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't wanna be a NORMAL person, I want to be a rich person with super powers."


Gemini Man was a Robot Master designed as Dr. Wily's personal terrorist. In the Masters, he was responsible for several large-scale terror attacks, and served as an intelligence agent for the organization. However, his intel work lead to life as a double agent for another organization, Grave, the operations arm of the Nebula Syndicate. Gemini got far enough in with the Syndicate that he rose to a leadership position and even married its then-leader, Teresa Magrevich. After her demise, Dr. Wily had had enough, and ousted Gemini from the Robot Masters. Now Gemini is a Civilian android, though he retains the combat abilities learned from both the Masters and Nebula, as well as his abilities in solid holograms and disguises. Though he talks publically about living a life of peace now that he has "retired" from the Master family, the truth is that increasing superpowers, money and fame are too much for him to pass up for the sake of something artificial like morality. Now he's walking a neutral line, in direct opposition of his former master, as well as opposing other lawful organizations that would rather see him behind bars.


Terrorist Tactics, Intimidation, Practical Jokes, Holography, Ricochet Geometry, 'I didn't do it--Nobody saw me do it--You can't prove anything,' Shapeshifter--Big Faker, Speaking In Plural, We make this look EASY, 'We are getting aggravated--yes, we are', Asking Girls for Their Sign and Meaning It, Stardroid Lovetoy, Disrupting Bass