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Gemini Spark
Gemini Spark.jpg
Personal Information
Race FMian
Gender Neuter (Male)
Faction FMian
Divisions Elites
Function Life's Nightmare
Technical Specifications
Primary Gemini Thunder
Type Electric
Secondary Rocket Knuckle
Type Physical
Buster Colors White and Black
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force 1
Theme Song

Character Data

"In the end, you will thank me."


Gemini Spark is the FMian all other FMians fear save Cepheus itself. A freakish fusion of two FMians, the binary Gemini quickly overpowered and slew its parent and all of their related spawn when they were born aeons ago. Terrifyingly powerful, Gemini Spark quickly grew bored with simply annihilating other FMians and turned its considerable intellect to manipulating others into fighting each other for its amusement. When making its fellows fight grew tiresome, it turned its attention to other races, inciting the FMian people to destroy potential threats to their existence. The numerous tragedies and tales of woe that have played out in its existence as world after world succumbs to the FMian army has provided it with a cornucopia of delights. The stronger the enemies, the longer the suffering plays out... and so Gemini Spark turned Cepheus on the Earth, the only force strong enough to destroy the enemies the FMians were only able to stalemate. Seemingly capricious and arbitrary, in truth Gemini Spark prefers to deploy elaborate plans that demonstrate its absolute superiority and control over its prey -- be it a person, a nation, or a world.


Complete Monster, Omnicidal Maniac, Grandmaster Chessmaster, Manipulative Bastard, Technically Evil Twin(s), Hidden Villain AND Hidden Agenda Villain, Affably Evil Purely To Make It Worse, In Love With All Of Your Carnage, Enemy To All Living Things, Because I'm Good At It, BECAUSE I CAN