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General Portrait.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Octavius Doppler
Code Name General
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Birth Date July 4, 2203
Death May 20, 2225
Serial Number DPLR-001
Faction Repliforce
Function General Patton 2.0
Assignment Optimus Prime
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Tactics
Secondary Specialty Kaijujitsu
Weapons Diplomacy
Primary Ion Cannon
Type Electric Force
Secondary Carpet Bombing
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Blue & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X4
Voice Actor Tommy Lee Jones
Theme Song

Character Data

"Protecting liberty is the duty of all in a free society."


General is the Supreme Commander of the Repliforce, the great arsenal of democracy. He is defined by his willingness to stand by his beliefs. When Dr. Doppler and Sigma started the Mavericks, General stayed true to his ideals rather than his family ties. When the United Nations turned on the Repliforce, General continued to champion what he felt were its values, even when he had to order his soldiers to defend themselves against their former commanders. To General, the ideals of Repliforce -- to win freedom and liberty for all beings, human and Reploid alike -- are more important than any political situation. This has put the General on the wrong side of the world's law before, but he accepts the criticism others sometimes place on him as part of the burden of command. Compassionate but firm, General's idealism stands in stark comparison to Colonel's practicality, which is the key to their balanced command relationship. General's vast size, strength and firepower allow him to lead his troops from the front. His appearances on the battlefield make even the most hardened enemies of freedom take pause. Yet, General is more inclined to try to use diplomacy and negotiation first before engaging the enemy in battle.


Tactics, Leadership, Planning, Inspiration, Philosophy, Diplomacy, Champion Of Repliforce, Strategy, Sense Of Purpose, Passion For Piloting, Teacup of Marz!, Making Sure Colonel Doesn't Kill Everyone, Making Sure Storm Owl Doesn't Kill Everyone, Making Sure Shield Shellfish Doesn't Kill Everyone, Making Sure Red Doesn't Kill Everyone, Making Sure Crescent Grizzly Doesn't Eat Storm Owl, Making Sure... well... you get the idea





Cut Scenes