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Shooting Star Rockman
Even now there is hope for man...
Even now there is hope for man...
Personal Information
Real Name George Copernicus Stelar
Code Name Geo, Shooting Star Rockman
Race Melded
Gender Male
Creator/s Kelvin & Hope Stelar
Birth Date July 7, 2207
Serial Number Private
Email geo.stelar@echoridge
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Young Justice
Function Superhero
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Saving The World
Secondary Specialty Social Awkwardness
Weapons Wave Change, Noise Change, Caledfwlch Steel Cutter
Primary Shooting Star Buster
Type Energy
Secondary Shooting Star Missile
Type Explosive
Buster Colors Blue & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman Star Force
Voice Actor Jason Spisak
Theme Song The Farthest Star - VNV Nation

Character Data

"My friends are my strength - they remind me why I fight."


Geo Stelar is a fundamentally different person than the grieving loner he was before meeting Omega-Xis. Thrown into the chaos of the FMian war against Earth, Geo rose time and again to meet the challenge, facing down gods, demons, and the evil of his own kind. Honest and kind-hearted, he is generally good-natured but still sometimes indecisive, usually at the worst time. The child Geo once was is gone, replaced by a young man who has been forced to face the truth of the power he wields - and the growing knowledge that he's no longer precisely human. What was at first a bond between FMian and human has made him something different - and that's not easy knowledge to live with, making him something of a loner, even now. Despite this he remains devoted, both to protecting the world, friends, and family he loves as Shooting Star Rockman and to Sonia Strumm, the first and only woman to ever stoke the fires of his heart.


Saved The World But The Story Didn't End, The Power Of Love, The Power Of Trust, The Power Of Friendship, World Of Cardboard, Cancelling The Apocalypse, Bacon-Averse, The Storm Within, Masterwork Drama Magnet, Accidental Property Damage, Transcending Humanity, We Are More Than Our Mistakes


Man's best friend.

Early Childhood

Geo as a youth.

The son of Kelvin and Hope Stelar, Geo grew up remarkably untouched by the excesses of the Robot Wars that have raged for his entire life. Chicago was (and is) a good place to grow up, securely located in the middle of North America, a city bereft of high-value targets to attract enemy combatants - at least before the founding of AMAKEN.

Geo can hardly remember the terror of the Stardroids, being only six years old when Duo was defeated, and the kindergarten-age boy only knew of the terror from the skies as a kind of vague boogeyman. Cartoons and coloring books were more his speed, and he has very few actual memories of those times at all. The war between Repliforce and the world less than a year later merely confused him. Why were the good guys fighting with each other? He couldn't understand it, and even now the reasons behind it still don't make a whole lot of sense.

The Raccoon City incident occured when he was seven, and it was barely a blip on his radar. Nobody seriously believed that zombies were real, and you were a scared little kindergartener if you were afraid of them. The conquest of Europe and Africa was more real, but it only made sense in broad strokes. Dr. Wily was bad, the Mavericks were bad, that was pretty much all he needed to know.

The stars went out when Geo was eight. The threat of Nigh was more immediate and visible, but it wasn't something he could really understand. The darkness was a source of nightmares that he barely remembers now, his mother and father always there to make the scary things less scary. He was developing more of an understanding that there was war, though the concept of war was something that didn't touch him personally. The rise of Neo Arcadia a year later was simply another new villain in a panoply of bad guys. The concept of anti-species hate was lost on the nine year old boy.

The first act of the war that had an impact on the world Geo understood was Vile's murder of the Pope. His grandmother was Catholic, and he couldn't understand why someone would want to hurt such a nice man as the Pope. For the first time, he began to understand a little of the terror of the real world. At then, he watched the war to liberate Europe with all the interest that a young boy naturally has in such events, but as he turned eleven, then twelve, the sheer depravity of the war became apparent in the destruction of San Angeles.

As he neared his teens, Geo began to understand more and more the terrible cost of the war, helping with a pledge drive to help with relief efforts for the victims. The rise of Ra Moon that same year brought with it fresh nightmares, the first monster that Geo actually understood as a threat to everything. The Willamette incident that fall was another lesson in how bad the world could actually be. Little did he know that this was only a taste of what was to come.

Geo was thirteen when Protoman and Alexia Ashford destroyed the world. For the very first time, at least for him, the war was immediate and real. He didn't personally deal with the walking dead; a strangely competent mother and a brawny nerd of a father were a sufficient buffer to protect the frightened middle schooler. Weeks were spent in a Chicago shelter, living off rationed supplies and horrible People Chow, and for a while, it seemed that nothing would ever get better. Even after the world was saved, it was a long time before he could sleep easily at night.

Life slowly regained a sense of normalcy, though there were changes. Some familiar faces did not return after Ragnarok. For the most part, people didn't talk about them... the unsaid said everything about what happened to them. Marksmanship courses at Echo Ridge became compulsory, a class Geo was good at, but never had much enthusiasm towards. His dad was around less, working in space on Project Brother. Geo moved his bed directly under the skylight in his room so he could look up at space and think of his dad.

Geo was fourteen and a half when his father vanished aboard Project Brother, seemingly murdered by Shadow Man. His life fell apart. Kelvin had always been there, Geo's idol, his hero. He had protected Geo during Ragnarok, he had helped Geo overcome the boogeymen of Ra Moon and Nigh... how could he be gone? Geo dropped out of school, lost in depression.

After the loss of his father, Geo spent even more time watching the sky, using his father's Visualizer, a tangible link to Kelvin that he never took off, watching the stars and the strangely beautiful paths of the EM Waves that criss-crossed overhead. He kept up with his studies, but only because he needed something to fill his days. His depression worried Hope and Aaron Boreal as much as it frustrated Luna Platz, who saw him as dragging their class down with his absence. Geo had withdrawn completely from society.

The Shooting Star

This is where your bad day begins.

The arrival of Omega-Xis changed everything. Though he didn't understand it at first, the strong-willed FMian and his own sense of justice compelled him to act, and thus Shooting Star Rockman was born. Geo kept his identity a secret, emulating the superhero comics that he used to read. This would work both for and against him as time went on.

The summer of 2222 saw Geo fighting off a major FMian incursion at Echo Ridge. Libra Scales possessed Mitch Shepard, one of his teachers, Taurus Fire attached himself to Bud Bison, Queen Ophiuca to Luna Platz, and Cygnus Wing to Tom DuBois. Geo managed to fend off each attack with his newfound power and the strength of his convictions, freeing the humans from their alien possessors... though they didn't always stay gone, both for good with Bud, and for ill with Luna. He also found himself going worldwide, heading to England to save Damian Wolfe from the FMian Wolf Woods.

During late August, Geo met Sonia Strumm, an initially violent confrontation where she threw herself at him in order to test the young man's power. Despite this meeting, and the next when she and Luna got into a very public brawl, Geo found it hard to get her out of his head, a feeling only magnified when she dropped into his bedroom one evening for a talk... and an awkward encounter that almost became a disaster when Geo's mom came home.

In mid-September he found himself on the floating city of Able 2, fighting off the FMian-possessed remnants of the once-powerful Maverick army. Pitched into battle with General Auriga and the Maverick leader, Lumine, Geo was faced with an opponent he couldn't beat. The Irregular Solaris sacrificed herself trying to protect him, and Geo nearly gave in. It was Omega-Xis who gave Geo the strength to fight, telling his own father, asking for his help to save everyone. Something was unlocked in Geo's mind, and he unleashed a torrent of power that destroyed Lumine once and forced Auriga to flee.

In October, he met Gaus Magrevich for the first time. The Rocket Commando offered Geo a measure of security from the scrutiny of the press and the police, giving him a place in TASC and encouraging him to take training from Andrew, a former Neo Arcadian.

Geo and Sonia began officially dating, despite knowing that there had been another Geo in Sonia's original world. The need to stay secret on both their parts led Sonia to pose as Sally, a midwestern girl that Geo 'met online,' which worked well enough for a while.

That fall, Tenko's intervention led to Taurus Fire's renewed relationship with Bud Bison, a rocky partnership which forced Geo to intervene when Taurus started cheating for Bud at the Homecoming game. Things worked out well enough, more a tribute to Tenko's teachings than anything Geo was really able to do. At the same time, it became more and more clear the Luna had not shrugged off Queen Ophiuca's influence, a situation that Geo blamed partially on himself for choosing to tell her who he really was.

In 2223, he became friends with Axl and Prairie, Axl teaching him the way of the gunslinger and Prairie teaching him Systema techniques to bolster his hand-to-hand skills, spurred on by a brawl with Bailey Seers.

At the end of January Geo told Hope about his double life. She took it about as well as could be expected. Despite his mother nearly freaking out, not having to hide from her was a great relief. His identity still a secret to the public, he continued to work against the continued FMian invasion, though he could hardly claim credit for saving Aino Neitola from Scutum Bulwark. He joined the Hunters and Repliforce in hunting down the OOParts for Dr. Vega Orihime, and further helped to convince her not to use Atlantis as a weapon to punish others for her own losses. He recovered the OOParts from her, eventually handing them over to TASC.

In April, Geo took part in the Battle and Chase, winning a Silver Medal in Dodgeball with his friends Axl and Prairie and a Gold for King of the Hill.


"Did you ever notice how in the Bible, whenever God needed to punish someone, or make an example, or whenever God needed a killing, he sent an angel? Did you ever wonder what a creature like that must be like? A whole existence spent praising your God, but always with one wing dipped in blood. Would you ever really want to see an angel?"

The war with Ra Moon and the FMians came to a head in September of 2223. Thrown into battle with Nazis, he took part in the final defeat of Hyde and witnessed the death of Ada Wong. Then Ra Moon himself manifested, and Geo found himself struck down. Sonia leapt to his air, delivering Caledfwlch to his hands and unlocking the potential in the blade, but even that was not enough. Sonia protected him, and Ra Moon struck her down with its Soul Eraser. In desperation, Geo took Sonia's failing spirit into his own, and in doing so unlocked a power beyond anything he could imagine. Surging with the strength of the sword and Sonia's love, he eradicated Ra Moon in a paroxysm of light.

King Cepheus launched his final attack and Geo, rather than attempt to destroy that ancient entity, bargained with him, proving the strength of his friendship by choosing to save Sonia rather than fight. Gemini Spark, his duplicity revealed, attempted to destroy the now-weakened Geo, but he was saved by the intervention of Hercules Juggernaut, in truth his father Kelvin, who had used Omega-Xis's aid to infiltrate the FMians and learn their culture. Kelvin saved his son, and in turn, Cepheus annihilated Gemini Spark. The war with the FMians was finally over.

With his father and Sonia restored and his identity revealed to the world Geo started a new phase of his life. While his ultimate form was lost, he had gained something else, echoes of Sonia's connection with him, a bond and memories shared between them. Going back to a normal life was all but impossible, Geo struggling to balance being Shooting Star Rockman with school, as well as dealing with the new complications that entered his life. Luna, although freed from Queen Ophiucha at last, became increasingly involved with Grave, and her changed attitude put a barrier between them that has never truly been breached.

Life goes on, Geo's friendship with Bud and Zack growing as they make their way through the last years of high school. Being a celebrity and a hero has its ups and downs, but Geo remains confident, bolstered by both his friends and the love between Sonia and himself. As he nears graduation, however, he finds himself questioning his direction in life - can he be Shooting Star Rockman full-time? What does he do afterwards? The answers elude him. Halfway through his senior year, he tells his parents that he's not going to college, at least not yet. He chooses to spend more time with Sonia and travel after graduation, deferring his decision for as long as he can.

Lashing Out

Shooting Star Rockman

Geo's stress builds through 2226, a situation not helped by Luna's new career as an assassin. While appalled by his former friend, he is further concerned by her own growing powers. Forcing himself not to worry, he skips his senior prom, spending a weekend alone with Sonia. The grudge between Luna and Showroom Hawk ignites while he is away, turning the prom into a scene of horror. Sonia does her best to hide the incoming torrent of news from Geo, but the truth comes out when he comes home. Sickened by the fighting and the reaction of Luna's friends towards his classmates, Geo's nerves begin to fray, and Jack Hunter nearly pushes him into lashing out, saved only by the timely return of Sonia.

Geo struggles to cope in the months that follow, the bloody war between Grave and Nephilim pounding at his sanity, coupled with the growing knowledge that he'll have to do something about college soon. The arrival of The Promise and The Threat in October doesn't help - he soon learns that they are Sonia's family from her home dimension, and they mean to take her back with them. Geo chooses to return with them, seeing it as a chance to escape the pressures of his own world, if only for a time. He never gets the chance.

In January of 2227, Sonia and her family are attacked by an extradimensional Clock Man as they attempt to return of her world. Geo desperately attempts to defend his true love, but is powerless as Clock Man manipulates time, kidnapping Sonia and redirecting Geo's attack, nearly making him kill Amoldar Cashe. With Sonia stolen and The Threat critcally injured, the pressures of the last year and the shock of her loss finally sending him over the edge. Geo unleashes his full fury on Clock Man's allies, killing most of them in a savage onslaught. His rage continues for a full day as he teleports across the world, dealing out arbitrary justice wherever he sees a need. His berserk rampage is only ended by the risky intervention of Jack Hunter.

Haunted by his own actions, Geo rededicates himself to rescuing Sonia, no longer sure if he can trust himself. It takes most of a year, Finally diving into the depths of Earth-616 to finally rescue Sonia, who had become invested with the power of the Phoenix Force. Despite rescuing the woman he loved, revelations about Sonia's indiscretions and their conflicting traumas drove a wedge between them that only slowly healed.

Choosing A Path

Having delayed his decision for several years, Geo finally enters school in 2228, transferring credits earned through online courses to his transcript and attending MIT, at the same time joining the local ROTC in preparation for dedicating his life to serving his world. Thanks to a heavy schedule and his online work, Geo is able to graduate within two years, graduating and joining the armed forces. In 2230 he signs on with the Unified Army, seeing it as the best opportunity to do the most good in the world, and at the same time put some distance between himself and President Wesker, a man he cannot bring himself to trust.

During all of this time, he has found himself increasingly willing to embrace what he has become. He and Sonia are no longer human, but they are not FMian, either. They are something new, something different, but it's not something he regrets, though he still worries about losing himself, losing that spark of humanity that makes him Geo. He still tries to maintain his connections to the world, but Luna's increasingly dark path concerns him deeply. He trusts Bly, but he cannot bring himself to trust Luna. Not anymore.

And so his story continues...


  • Despite their occasional antagonism, Geo has taken on a lot of Omega-Xis's attitudes.
  • He is far more tolerant of Omega-Xis's trolling of Ancient Aliens than he lets on.
  • Like any true Chicagoan Geo is a normal (read: desperate) Cubs fan.
  • He's also a fan of da Bears, just like his father.
  • Geo doesn't smoke, but he has no problem with alcohol thanks to Sonia and Bly.
  • Geo's extended partnership with Omega-Xis has given him powers even when not wave changed.
  • Shortly after the battle with Ra Moon Geo met Procyon, the creator of Caledfwlch. Procyon told Geo he would do a favor for him for stopping Ra Moon. He has not yet called it in.
  • Geo is done with bacon.
  • At the end of 2230, Geo chose to return Rhongomyniad Pierces-the-Night to the people of Wazap.


Thunder Berserk
Fire Saurian



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