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Ghost Man
Ghost Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Faction Robot Masters
Function Psychological Warfare
Assignment Grief Grief Grief
Technical Specifications
Primary Ghost Barrier
Type Energy Force
Secondary Unnatural Touch
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Dr. Weird - Aqua Teen Hunger Force
Theme Song

Character Data

"BOO! Ha ha ha. Yeah."


Ghost Man is a reprogrammed Robot Overlord who has continued to be a bad idea. Created after a drunken monster movie marathon, Ghost Man was made in the same vein as Shade Man and Skull Man, except with an even worse sense of what is actually 'frightening'. Even being captured and reprogrammed by Dr. Regal hasn't made Ghost Man any less annoying, so Dr. Regal decided to use the lemon he was given to make lemonade. Ghost Man's primary objective is to locate people who engage in 'radio sass' and repeatedly bother them in person until they either shut up or die; Ghost Man has been informed that the order of those operations is unimportant. To assist him in his mission, Ghost Man has been equipped with a Blink engine, a constant connection to 3chan and a six-figure expense budget for novelties. Inexplicably skilled at covert infiltrations, Ghost Man can now pose a nuisance anywhere in the world.


He's Wearing A Sheet, Therefore He Is Anonymous




  • 2228-12-16: Santa Wily - Winter is Coming - Dr. Wily occupies Harvard Square and compels co-eds to serve as elves in a mad scheme... to delight children?? This can't end well.

Cut Scenes