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Personal Information
Real Name Gideon
Code Name ???
Race Esper
Gender Male
Serial Number 34
Faction Grave
Function Allegory for Scientific Sins
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Psycho Power
Secondary Specialty FUCK
Weapons BRAIN
Primary Psycho Desolation
Type Force
Secondary Psycho Exploder
Type Force
Buster Colors Purple
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Can you just die so I can go eat?"


Gideon is a chimera created from Luna Platz' DNA and other genetic materials. Edward Kirk, feeling the pressures of the Adept program and the Fourth Empire, attempted to create a psychic super soldier using reckless science he barely understood. Worse, Kirk truly screwed up while attempting to program loyalty into Gideon. Today, Gideon is fiercely loyal and obedient to Luna, and naturally inclined to respect organizational structure. But he's also horribly violent and amoral, quick to kill if ordered or if he's mildly annoyed (and can get away with it). Gideon is telekinetic, but crudely so, unable to even lift a cup or open a door without breaking something. He has little physical skill, but makes up for it with the uncanny ability to quickly absorb information he reads. Gideon wants very little out of life except to enjoy himself, help the people around him succeed in their endeavours, and never feel trapped again.


Contains GMOs, Hippies Warned About This, Bull in A China Shop, Psycho Power Abomination, Knowledge (Strategy, Tactics), Skills (Fear, Intimidation, Leadership), Fatality Expert, Red Shirts Hate Him, One Weird Trick To Explode A Mook From The Inside Out, Giant Red Cape, White Anime Hair, Luna's Rabid Dog (and Clone), Nature vs Nurture, Science Run Amok, Failed Experiment, God's Punishment For Everything Science Has Ever Done


Fuck Edward Kirk.



  • 2230-04-13: A Date With Your Family - The Platz-Seers family meets for dinner
  • 2230-05-04: Twisted and Turned - The Saint Beasts attempt to rob Charite's facility in Bethesda, Maryland in search of advanced genetic data for the Science-Emperor. Rai-on approaches the matter with his usual subtlety; Byakko is looking for a fight; Kaede wasn't even supposed to be here today. Problems start in many different ways.
  • 2230-12-15: Very Merry X-mas - One of Grave's newest allies, a hotshot bounty hunter out of Paris, is hosting a charity event to benefit a sports center built for disadvantaged and displaced European youth. The Girls of Grave have offered to do some bartending. For the kids.
  • 2231-02-18: Asteroids - Rock starts a campaign of harassing mining operations in RM space. Expect roughousing and shenanigans.
  • 2231-02-28: American Exceptionalism - Over the protests of the Canadian government, another American strike team shows up to investigate a Versus-owned facility freshly moved to Windsor, Ontario. There's not even the pretense that it won't get out of control this time.
  • 2231-03-31: An Eye For Juri Han - Luna confronts Juri Han in the Waist Deck where doctor Ray is busy seeing to her cybernetic eye replacement.
  • 2231-07-14: Summerfest Conspiracy - Lured by the scent of deep-fried cheese and the sound of folk music, the allies are lead further into a path of intrigue. If you're kicked out of the fair it's definitely a conspiracy. Brought to you by Grave, who is also welcome to intervene. Wear sunscreen.

Cut Scenes


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