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Giga Man
Giga Man.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number SW001
Faction Robot Masters
Function Associate Administrator
Assignment The Circle K
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Breaking Things
Secondary Specialty Being A Bad Robot
Weapons Giga Buster, Beam Knife, Anger and Brute Strength
Primary Giga Buster
Type Energy
Secondary Beam Shiv
Type Blade
Buster Colors Green & White
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Theme Song

Character Data

"Don't hate the player, hate the game."


Giga Man finally has everything he ever wanted: power, prestige and a home in a faction that isn't completely lame. One of many failed Bass knockoffs, Giga Man suffered multiple indignities before finally hitting rock bottom in the Irregulars, becoming little more than an irritant in his efforts to conform. Promised opportunity and advancement by Dr. Regal, Giga Man betrayed his old loyalties to be reprogrammed and rebuilt into a leader of mechs on "Z". Much of Giga Man's power has been restored, including his Super Adapter -- allowing him to merge with his companion Adagio into a more powerful combat form. Easy-going and deceptively charming, Giga Man has a unique, and sometimes ostentatious vocabulary stemming from years of trying to educate and improve himself while robbed of his strength. Despite his efforts to fit in, however, many are still wary of his well-earned reputation for treachery with a smile.


Head Smashing, Beer Drinking, Shell Kicking, Ladder Climbing, Team Killing, Thesaurus Eating, Beanie Wearing, Juggernaut, Anarchist Super Fighting Robot, The Mean Green Bomber, My Best Friend Is A Chain Smoking Turtle, I Have Earned My Warpaint Back, Going From Zero To Hero, Redefining Faustian




  • 2220-05-01: The Man With No Name - A gaggle of hackers doing what they do best, slapfighting, are interrupted by a stranger.
  • 2220-06-02: Tiger By The Tail - The assembled forces of good, lead by Gospel, fight to free the remains of Duo.EXE from the vile grip of Vincente Sumiyama.
  • 2222-07-29: A Charmed Life - Shield Shellfish and Web Spider try to find out who might have tampered with Shield Shellfish’s mind.
  • 2226-07-06: The Von Bleucher Affair - A fancy dress party is invaded by pirates.
  • 2230-04-23: Westpoint Mint - Apex leads a raid on the Westpoint Mint with GENOCIDE. Versus and heroes show up. Hacking occurs, courtesy of Mouse.
  • 2230-05-04: Twisted and Turned - The Saint Beasts attempt to rob Charite's facility in Bethesda, Maryland in search of advanced genetic data for the Science-Emperor. Rai-on approaches the matter with his usual subtlety; Byakko is looking for a fight; Kaede wasn't even supposed to be here today. Problems start in many different ways.
  • 2230-08-16: Goblin Raid - Completely out of the blue, goblins from another world raid a fireworks factory on the Texas border.

Cut Scenes