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Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Function Assassin
Technical Specifications
Primary Gimel Flurry
Type Blade
Secondary Kite Sniper
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman Xtreme
Theme Song

Character Data

"Let us laugh together, in the moment of your demise."


Once a Shadow Hunter, Gimel concluded that the Yakuza were dumb and pranced along with his partner in crime Zayin for a new life in Ouroboros, serving his Lord Serpent. He remains the same grinning smartass he's always been but manic energy is usually kept in check by the more disciplined warriors in the Serpent Army. A lifetime of working in the shadows where betrayal is as common as breathing has left him with a deep-seated paranoia about everyone else and their motives. He often subscribes to the latest conspiracy theories and likes to root around in other people's business as a result. Not considerably intelligent, he rejects intellectualism in favor of being a dishonorable thug and thinks ninja are overdone. In battle he makes use of a giant shuriken and a battle kite to get the drop on foes. He has a fascination with Chinese culture, particularly tea ceremony, but has no actual understanding of any of it and just uses them to make himself look cultured, a fact that triggers more than a few eye rolls from his allies.


The Ouroboros Katana/Sodom, Conspiracy Nut, Shellfish Paranoia, Laughing Inappropriately, Getting Caught Fighting Dirty, Go Fly A Kite, Not Enough Stabbing In This Joint, KEKEKEKE, I Saw This In A Wulin Movie Once