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Gixan Harshscale
Personal Information
Race Kobold
Gender Male
Faction Grave
Function Ship's Gunner
Technical Specifications
Primary Poison-tipped Bolt
Type Blade Corrosive
Secondary Tanglefoot Bomb
Type Corrosive Explosive
Buster Colors Plague Green & Blood Red
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor
Theme Song

Character Data

"World domination is too much work. I'll take a pile of gold and accolades. Okay and maybe a small country."


Gixan Harshscale is a rarity among kobolds. A free thinker who prefers to work for himself rather than his lair as a whole. A genius with chemicals and mechanics, Gixan Harshscale found his colony unwilling to trade him gold for is contributions and he went off into the world to seek a more direct means of turning skill into valuables. Now the ship's gunner of the Von Gallante Rogues, Gixan turns his skill with poisons, chemicals, and explosives, into loot shares. The tiny lizardman is rather calm and amiable for one of his race, enjoying drinking and carousing with others, along with intellectual pursuits, but retains the ego and long view of revenge, as well as the natural cowardice. He prefers to fight from the shadows, wearing his opponent down with poisons and bombs, then fleeing to allow one of his more sturdy allies to take care of things.


Wily Did Nothing Wrong, Kobold With Class Levels, I Solve Practical Problems, With Violence And Explosives, Deekin?




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