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Glacier Cactank
Glacier Le Cactank.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Frediano Duilio
Code Name Glacier Cactank
Race E-Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Weil & Alexia Ashford
Death March 2221?
Faction Presumed Dead
Divisions Neo Arcadia
Function Judge
Technical Specifications
Primary Orbit Shield
Type Ice
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 3
Theme Song Infected Mushroom - I Wish

Character Data

"Lord Weil's new order will issue judgment upon you!"


Frediano Duilio was a skilled trauma surgeon, loving husband and devoted father. He had made a practice for himself in southern Italy and spent much of his life in obscurity serving a small group of agricultural and tourist communities in the area. Frediano had a wife and two teenage sons, and was grateful for the fortune he had received in life. The Mavericks took all that away from him. He helped the human resistance during the Maverick occupation, and his sons became resistance fighters. For a while, he felt that they could regain their home and go back to their old lives, but tragedy kept coming to his doorstep. His oldest son Romulus died in France trying to save civilians from being crucified. His wife succumbed to radiation poisoning after Sigma's "death" a few kilometers from their home while helping to evacuate the city. Finally, his youngest, Remus, died during the first rush on Berlin. He was left with nothing, his heart turning cold and black to protect it from the wounds he had sustained. Slowly dying from the radiation sickness he had sustained by staying near his home town, Frediano followed a refugee convoy to Dr. Weil's territory when he heard word there was a need there for medics. When he was "volunteered" for the process, he did not resist. When he survived, he realized that he now had the power to get revenge. In his Glacier Cactank armor, Frediano is as ruthless as the enemy who destroyed his world. He has an abiding respect for Dr. Weil and his benefactor for providing him with a new lease on life.


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