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Glyde Loath
Glyde Loath.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Glyde Loath
Race Cyborg
Gender male
Serial Number Multitudes
Function Industrialist
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Industrialist
Secondary Specialty Persuasion
Primary Glyde Laser
Type Energy
Secondary Nervous Breakdown
Type Physical
Buster Colors Burgundy & Gold
OOC Information
Game The Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Voice Actor Michael Hall
Theme Song There Right There - Legally Blonde Musical

Character Data

"Narcissist? Never. A Narcissist loves only himself. I'm a rabid polygamist."


Glyde Loath is a vain and arrogant man who believes himself to be God's Gift to the world and women. Despite this, he has matured significantly over the past years and has developed the skill of repressing his arrogance with a carefully cultivated air of maturity and social grace -- until things go wrong. His outbursts of child-like fury when this occurs do much to shatter his reputation in the eyes of those whom he might otherwise impress. It is these outbursts and his erratic, foppish personality that lead so many to underestimate him, but to do so is dead wrong. Glyde possesses an extremely keen and calculating mind, both for plots and numbers and is constantly dreaming of new ways to improve his own situation. He has risen to command a significant financial arsenal, partly belonging to the Loath family but most of it having been generated by Glyde's own business operations -- working under the company name of G.L. Enterprises. This financial arsenal is often abused to get whatever he wants, his acquisitions to date including a troupe of birdbots and a rather unique, variable-configuration ride armour that he affectionately calls the 'Glyder'. He also has a fascination for rare and exotic vehicles -- all of which he is accomplished at driving, being a notorious speed junkie. Lastly, Glyde is a man who is generally assumed to be harmless -- but to do so is pure peril. He is more than capable of killing in right circumstances, these being in the pursuit of rank as he craves power or more significantly the one single thing that he cannot and will not tolerate: rejection.


Spoiled Rich Kid, Arrogant Snob, Uses Roses As Weapons, Callow Snob, Hot Rod Pilot, Annoying Snob, Lando Syndrome, Evil Snob