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Gottfried Groeder
Gottfried Groeder.jpg
Personal Information
Race Cyborg
Gender Male
Function Oncoming Doom
Technical Specifications
Primary Groeder Arm
Type Physical
Secondary Ultra Giga Thunder
Type Electric
OOC Information
Game Bionic Commando
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am faster and stronger than you will ever be!"


Gottfried Groeder is a man out of time. A genetically engineered Imperial shock trooper manufactured in the late 2160s, Groeder was a thorn in the side of the COMMANDO team for almost a decade. Augmented with cutting-edge cybernetics, Groeder became Miss Millions' right hand, helping the then-"Golden Empress" in Her own plans to conquer the world. Near the end of the 2180s, Groeder was finally defeated, captured and condemned by a UN tribunal to indefinite cryogenic suspension. Released by Generalissimo Killt as his secret weapon against the allied powers, Groeder promptly killed his savior and went off on his own. A dedicated fascist, Groeder believes that the strong should rule over the weak. Groeder finds himself most comfortable in an established chain of command, preferring himself to be near the top of any hierarchy. However, Groeder is capable of begrudgingly working with others as equals, though he seeks to aggrandize himself at any opportunity. Groeder is a villain of the old school, prone to making dramatic speeches and grand gestures. Groeder finds the future displeasing and often reflects on the glories (and allegedly less degenerate society) of the past.


Heavy Weapons, Martial Arts (Gettin' Psycho), Military Science, Languages (German, English, Chinese), Science (Physics), Super Soldier, A Nazi By Any Other Name, Card Carrying Villain, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, One Man Army, Putting On The Reich, White Haired Guys Are Evil, Lightning Out Of The Hands!, GYA HAH HAH HAH, Villain Of The Past