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Personal Information
Real Name Grace Doppler
Race Reploid
Gender Female
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Creation Date 2214
Death 2215
Faction Mavericks
Function Child
Technical Specifications
Primary Delightful Smile
Type Physical
OOC Information
Theme Song

Character Data

"Innocence is to look at the world with eyes unclouded by hatred."


A childlike being of absolute purity, Grace was Sigma's attempt to create a Maverick poster-child. Born to show the reploids of the world that the Mavericks are more than bloodthirsty animals, Grace was left uninfected by the virus to prove that she would make a conscious choice to side with Sigma. Although she is still reluctant to join the hate group that created her, Grace and Sigma share a father-daughter relationship. Cheerful and pure as new-fallen snow, she wishes to see life outside of the Mavericks. Equipped only with the virtue of a child, the Mavericks' favored daughter carries no weapons but possesses the ability to heal wounds with expert efficiency. Grace will soon learn if perfect innocence can truly exist in this world.


Innocence, Miracle Touch


Not nearly enough to justify this character.



Cut Scenes


Before you floats a sprite-like child-reploid. Her small features belie a profoundly pure beauty, the wonder of a creature unknown to sin or evil. If one looked quickly they might mistake her for the Repliforcer, Iris, for they have a great deal in common. Both wear thin frames and the same metallic dress. Both share the same, round, beautiful face and the bundle of long, raven-dark hair at the top of their heads. But there are some striking dissimilarities. Two vertical slashes of color run down her face, identical to Sigma's war paint. Her eyes are the same soft gray as her father. This impish reploid seems like a diminutive combination of the Maverick Emperor and the Repliforce communications officer. Upon her back are folded two gossamer fairy-like wings that shimmer brilliantly in the light. Upon her childish face rests a nearly perpetual and always disarming smile. She is a wondrous mystery, her eyes constantly dancing with curiosity and delight.

This is the perfect innocence..

This is Grace.