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Gravity Beetle
Gravity Beetle.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Gravity 'Spudowski' Beetle
Code Name 'The Twilight Jokester'
Race Reploid
Gender male
Birth Date November 30th, 2204.
Serial Number UN #42378
Function Gravity Generator
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Gravity Manipulation
Secondary Specialty Telling Jokes
Primary Gravity Well
Type Force
Secondary Rail Charge
Type Blade Force
OOC Information
Game Megaman X3
Theme Song

Character Data

"I don't think you understand the -gravity- of the situation. *snicker*"


A veteran Maverick, Gravity Beetle somehow, against all odds, survived the destruction of Able 2 and was inducted into the Grandmaster's army. The years have not dimmed his awful taste in humor from bad puns to racist jokes, and he constantly seems to be on the verge of erupting into fits of laughter. Not truly malevolent, he nonetheless is used to wreak havoc on enemy forces using his complete mastery over gravity and singularities, throwing his hefty weight around with savant-like skill. Behind his sharp wit for friend and foe and easy going attitude he tends to be overly sensitive and rarely takes jokes against him well, except for a select few of his friends, and can quickly become sullen and moody when his own tactics are thrown against him. He has probably taken to his new masters the best than any other ex-Maverick, seeing himself as a court jester with a shiny new court. As long as he can amuse SOMEONE, he is happy and content, fully accepting his role in this crazy universal vaudeville show. His bulky body is susceptible to light-based weaponry due to his own systems absorbing vast amounts of it, and he can also be incapacitated if laughing hard enough to short-circuit himself.


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