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Gravity Man
Gravity Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender male
Serial Number DWN-033
Faction Robot Masters
Function Orbital Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Heavy Lifting
Secondary Specialty Battlefield Control
Weapons Gravity engine, plasma buster, cars
Primary Gravity Hold
Type Force
Secondary Physics Breaking Dive
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"It's time to see things from a new perspective."


Gravity Man is one of the more personable Robot Masters. There's hardly anyone he doesn't get along with, and he likes to keep it that way. He tends to employ some pretty unorthodox methods to achieve his goals, mostly because he's used to looking at things from a different angle -- specifically, upside-down. He spends as much time on the ceiling as he does on the floor, for no readily apparent reason at all. His control over gravity is impressive, and he takes every opportunity to exert that influence. Besides being able to reverse gravity for himself or a single target, he's learned to alter the laws of physics in a few other ways as well. He can shift gravity in a specific area up to the size of a small room with pinpoint precision, either increasing or decreasing the effects of the pull of the earth. As a utility, this is quite useful, either for making transporting objects easier or for aiding in construction -- it's also a great party trick. Offensively, though, his mastery truly shines. He can crush an object (or a person!) under their own weight, send them hurtling toward the ceiling, or use a low-gravity zone to augment his own intertia for a devastating puncture from his spiked helmet. When all else fails, though, he's always got his trusty plasma blaster.


King of WilyWorld, Master of Plushies, Arachnophobic, Meet Me In Outer Space




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