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Grenade Man
Grenade Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Grenade "Man" Wily
Race Android
Gender male
Birth Date Unknown
Serial Number DWN-063
Faction Robot Masters
Function Demolitions
Assignment Use Explode
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Explosions
Secondary Specialty Property Damage
Weapons Lots And Lots Of Bombs
Primary Flash Bomb
Type Explosive
Secondary Headlong Rush
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 8
Theme Song We Have Explosive - Future Sound of London

Character Data

"Yahahaha! Say hello to my cute bombs!"


None exemplify the mad bomber lifestyle better than Grenade Man. An expert in all things explosive, he sows pain and destruction wherever he goes in an eternal struggle to bring down society in all of its forms. An oddity among the Masters, Grenade loves to BE hurt just as much as he does hurting others, and has a bad habit of seeking out new ways to satisfy his masochistic obsession with stimulation. As a result, he is a highly jumpy and neurotic android that always seems ready to detonate at a moment's notice. His anti-establishment philosophies often lead to long-winded rants, and many of his brothers find his enthusiasm for pain downright creepy. But this does not extinguish his zest for life and the little pleasures it brings, such as a time bomb constructed with an anti-tampering device. In battle, Grenade uses all manner of explosive weaponry, most notably his trademark Flash Bombs, small explosives that explode into bright balls of light that burn for several seconds.


Demolitions, Mad Bombing, Obnoxiously Laughing, Hurt Me Rock, Hurt Me More Dawg, Laugh And Grow Fat, Extreme Hedonism, Certainly Not Scottish, If You See Me Running, Try To Use Thunder Claw, Verbal Tics, Cant Stand Still For One Second, Only One Sane Solution To This Problem, BLOW IT UP!




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