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Ground Man
Ground Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Ground Man
Code Name Ground Man
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number KGN-003
Faction Robot Masters
Function Attack Specialist
Assignment Drill Man Stand-In
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Surprise Attack Specialist
Secondary Specialty Digging and Mining
Primary Spread Drill
Type Blade
Secondary Sudden Spiral Drill
Type Blade
Buster Colors Burnt Umber & Light Grey
OOC Information
Game Megaman and Bass
Theme Song

Character Data

"Have patience... And then attack when they least expect it."


Ground Man was originally intended as a mining robot, with his ability to transform into a tank-like drilling machine. But his ability is put to better use for an ambush, tearing up through the ground suddenly to take his opponents by surprise. Strong, solemn and patient; can sit for hours underground waiting to strike. Also rather stubborn, once set on a purpose it takes a great effort to change his mind. As a drill machine he can bore through most subtances with an array of diamond-tipped drills, ramming down his targets and then grinding them under his treads. As a robot he launches the Spread Drill from his torso, a drill-tipped missile that can divide into two smaller missiles, and again into four missiles to strike multiple targets.





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