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Ground Scarab
Ground Scarab.jpg
Personal Information
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Function The Prince Of The Cosmos
Technical Specifications
Primary Ground Dash
Type Physical
Secondary Sentsuizan
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song

Character Data

"Diamonds in the rough? Pfff! It ain't worth it unless you go through at -least- half a dozen traps to find it!"


A good-natured treasure hunter, Ground Scarab is an expert at getting into places where he shouldn't. Seeing any kind of secured area as a challenge, he'll often break in just to prove he can do it, leaving a calling card wherther or not there's anything there worth stealing. Although not necessarily popular because of his scruffy exterior, Ground Scarab is usually good-natured, often clapping others on the back or getting much too close for comfort. He doesn't seem to mind his own filth, however, as it doesn't hinder him in any way and, in his opinion, makes him look more rugged. Ground Scarab is able to quickly gather up random bits of dirt and debris in an area and form them into a giant ball, which he can throw, use as an actual weapon, or use his Ground Dash to force the ball to roll over an opponent. Although he is very skilled, Ground Scarab is also overconfident at times and can sometimes underestimate the difficulty of a security system.


Treasure Hunter, Not a Thief, Pigpen Syndrome, Not a Thief, Tomb Raider, Getting into Places He Shouldn't Be, Scaring other Archeologists out of their wits