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The following tags and templates are useful for adding information to the Wiki.

  • {{stub}} - This template is for articles that have very little information. Articles marked with stub should be improved or possibly deleted if they've not had any information added in over two months. Add the stub tag at the top of a page before other information is added.
  • {{Logs}} - Added to a character page, this will populate the page with logs with that character listed as a participant.
  • {{Cut Scenes}} - Like Logs, this will add cut scenes to a character page.
  • Infobox: Character - This page includes how to setup the tabled box to the right on most character pages with various information about the character. Unlike the first two, check the template itself for how to use this on your character's page.
  • Infobox:Cut Scenes - This is the format page for adding cut scenes, brief narratives about characters or events that were written outside of normal roleplay. This is most commonly used to give others information they would not normally be privy to, to forward a plot, or give information about a character that wouldn't come out in normal RP. Cut scenes are named as Cut Scenes:Name of Scene.
  • Infobox:Logs - This is the format for adding RP logs to the wiki. Please make sure that logs are edited - try to clean them of system and OOC information to make them easier for others to read and enjoy! Logs are named as Logs:Name Of Log.

Posting Guidelines

Posting to the Wiki is very easy. Pages can be edited here by any contributor with an account and it isn't likely that people will get angry if you make a mistake. However, in order to lighten the load on your fellow contributors, please observe the following guidelines:

  • If you see an article on the wiki with the Stub tag, please either add to the content or update it to being current.
  • Please flag pages with very little information as a {stub}, but not character pages unless there's no profile and infobox.
  • Don't create a page about things you, as a player, don't know about.
  • Please refrain from creating new categories unless there is a good reason to do so.
  • If you are making a page for a character who currently has a player, make sure it's OK with that player before adding any content.
  • Similarly, if you're going to edit the page of a current OC or one whose player is still on the MUSH, please remember to ask that player unless the edit is purely minor, like fixing a spelling error. Even then, asking is the best policy.
  • If you're editing a page for an unplayed FC, please make sure the information is current to what is on the game itself. Profiles, in particular, can often be out of date if the character has not had a player in a long time. If you see information that is grossly out-of-date on the game, please contact an admin about updating the character!
  • Articles that are subjective/opinion-oriented should be added to that always neglected Community Portal section, not as a normal wiki entry. When creating the page do Megaman_Mush:Article Name, instead of just 'Article Name' to add it to that section.
  • The wiki is meant to be a serious tool for the MUSH, so please refrain from making joke edits or editorializing. Humor can be appropriate, but please use discretion.

Art Guidelines

All art added to the wiki needs to be added to a category in order to help us stay organized. We have three main categories of art, and any art uploaded needs to adhere to one of them.

  • [[Category:Official Art]] is for character art taken from Capcom, one of the games, or a licensed source like the manga or comics.
  • [[Category:Fan Art]] is for all other character art, including character art "borrowed" from other sources.
  • [[Category:Other Art]] is for logos, locations, pictures of non-character creatures like animals, and other miscellaneous art.
  • It's understood that Official Art belongs to Capcom or to the source it comes from - try to specify if it's not simply official game art, and where it's from.
  • Fan art should be credited to the artist, if possible, in the summary of the upload area. This is not only polite, but it allows people to more easily find the many talented artists who have contributed to Megaman MUSH over the years.
  • Art should be appropriate for all audiences. Do not post scenes of incredible violence, nudity, or pornography, or you could lose your wiki privileges.
  • Use your common sense when adding art. All FCs and many OCs already have art - please make sure you're not adding a file that's already been uploaded. If you have a question concerning added art that might be duplicated or very similar, please ask.
  • That being said, if you have a higher quality version of an existing piece of art, please feel free to update it!