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Gyro Man
Gyro Man.png
Personal Information
Real Name Gyro Man
Code Name Sandwich
Race Android
Gender Male
Serial Number AHU-001
Faction Robot Masters
Function Aerial Assault
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Aerial Combat
Secondary Specialty Extreme Sports
Primary Gyro Attack
Type Blade
Secondary Air Strike
Type Explosive
OOC Information
Game Megaman 5
Theme Song

Character Data

"There's no sensation to compare with this..."


Gyro Man doesn't have the speed or power of a jet-powered flier, but he has a lot of agility in the air -- whether he's soaring with the aid of his rotor, skydiving, or hanging at the peak of a ski-jump's parabolic arc. Programmed with an incredible intuition for motion, momentum, and balance, he's a natural at most extreme sports. This doesn't stop Gyro from constantly trying out new moves and working on improving his technique, though. He devotes most of his free time to soaring in one way or another, and he has a real passion and enthusiasm for it. Even with his built-in talent, Gyro has still reached his current level of skill through failure after often painful failure. His recreational tinkering with model helicopters and simple aerial drones often ends with a crash and a bang as well. Gyro's humility and pragmatism in the face of failure is rather unique among the Masters -- instead of staking his ego on his performance, he shrugs off failure, dusts himself off, and tries again until he gets it right. There's no such thing as "defeat," Gyro believes: To a real pro, it's "practice."


Aeronautics, Stunt Flying, Simple Robotics, Helicopter Noises, Keeping It 'Real'




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