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Hannah Kelly
Personal Information
Real Name Hannah Kelly
Code Name Astarte
Race E-Human
Gender Female
Creator/s Her Family
Faction Independent
Function A Beast Of Prey
Assignment Problem Removal
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Violence
Secondary Specialty Negotiable Loyalty
Weapons Various
Primary Deadly Sins
Type Blade
Secondary Vertical Square
Type Blade Electric
Buster Colors Crimson & Blue
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Trina Nishimura
Theme Song Soundgarden - Non-State Actor

Character Data

"You wouldn't like me when I'm bored."


Hannah Kelly is wanted for questioning in several outstanding terrorism investigations, or rather a chainsaw maniac matching her general description is. For a very long time, Hannah was haunted by her memories of Ragnarok and the way in which many members of her family died. Driven by a childhood of training for her own special gifts which left her poorly socialized and violent on top of more than a small amount of post traumatic stress, she was not so much a person as she was a localized disaster for a very long time. The mercenary who once went by the alias 'Astarte' is still a person who lives a life defined and structured by violence but the mad animal she was once likened to has run itself to exhaustion. She is a person blessed with a special genetic gift that makes her stronger, faster and generally more dangerous than other humans, a peer of those commonly called 'Striders.' Unlike most, she bears no known affiliation with Imperial China.


OD'd On Life Itself, Psycho For Hire, Big Screwed Up Family, No Sense Of Personal Space, Questionable Taste In Interior Decoration, Boiling Blood, Burning Adrenaline, Stares Down Cats, Hobo With A Greatsword, Extremely Unsubtle Ninja, Powered By Australium, Saxette Hale, Next Time Maybe You'll Listen, No, You Probably Won't


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  • One bad idea after another...


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