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Hansel von Gallante
Pirate Knight Of Helldorado
Pirate Knight Of Helldorado
Personal Information
Real Name Hansel Von Gallante
Code Name Knight Of Knaves
Race Human
Gender Male
Creator/s Some Parents
Birth Date July 06, 2202
Death Not Yet
Serial Number 1 15-6 1 11-9-14-4
Email Banned
Faction Grave
Divisions Malakim
Function Errol Flynn
Assignment Be Fabulous
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Piracy
Secondary Specialty Dramatics
Weapons Piratey Ones
Primary My Plan Has Gone Horribly Awry
Type 3 Combo Blade Dodge
Secondary Pirate Subtank
Type 3 Repair Energy Rearm
Buster Colors Blue & Gold with a Pirate Hat
OOC Information
Game Megaman MUSH
Voice Actor Tom Hiddleston
Theme Song

Character Data

"Etch this and this alone into your mind for when you recount this tale - you were bested by the dashing Hansel von Gallante!"


A Space Pirate who has sworn allegiance to King Devilman De Deathsatan VIII, Hansel Von Gallante considers himself one of the pirate elite. Von Gallante acts for all the world like a pirate nobleman, with an over-the-top presence, a fondness for the dramatic, and a general sense of style that most people think is unusual at best and frustrating at worst. A self-styled Ride Armor Enthusiast, Von Gallante combs the Solar System seeking new and interesting machines to add to his collection. His primary Ride Armor is the Corsair, a large bipedal machine he salvaged and tuned to practically ooze piracy.


You Fight Like An Overused Meme, How Appropriate - You Fight Like An Internet Nerd, Knowledge (Ride Armor, Piracy, Nobility, Acting, Space, Music), Language (English, French, German, Dramatic Speeches That Don’t Actually Go Anywhere), It Is Pronounced No-blez O-Bleej, Discretion Is The Better Part Of Not Being Killed, Destined Rival (Pirate Man)


A Space Pirate who styles himself "a Pirate Knight of Helldorado", Hansel von Gallante has spent the last six years in the service of Devilman de Deathsatan. He joined Nephilim in order to protect Princess Devilotte, acting as her bodyguard and servant.


  • Hansel never uses contractions.
  • Hansel probably knows the make, model, purpose, and specs of any non-unique, non-secret mechanical Ride Armor in existence.
  • Hansel sleeps and eats in the Corsair. It is confirmed to contain a wine rack and a mini-fridge.
  • Hansel has exquisite taste in wine and music. He can keep time with any musical piece on instinct, and can find rhythm in almost anything he hears.
  • Hansel is the leader of the Von Gallante Rogues, a group of pirates from other worlds he recruited via the de Deathsatan portal. His command staff includes Mr. Babbage and his Amazing Difference Engine (the "Clockwork Corsair"), Mr. Hiss (a lizardman with a hook tail who cannot speak English), Mr. Bonkers (Mr. Hiss's tiny best friend, a Juggalo translator), and Mr. Mrs. (a Gendor native sniper). Their symbol is a golden rose on a blue background, with golden trim. The latin motto for the Von Gallante Rogues is IBI PRO CAPTIVATIS - There For The Taking.


  • A selfie with Dr. Light from an alternate universe. Dr. Light helped him repair the Corsair.