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A Damn Dinosaur
A Damn Dinosaur
Personal Information
Real Name Hauzer
Race Tyrannosaurus rex
Gender Male
Function Devil Dinosaur
Technical Specifications
Primary Volcano Breath
Type Fire
Secondary Deluge Crisis
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Red Earth
Theme Song

Character Data

"Nothing can stand against the primeval might of HAUZER, MASTER OF ALL LESSER BEINGS!"


Hauzer is the mad brainchild of Raffinato, Scion Valdoll and Edward Kirk, the culmination of many experiments in dark science and evil wizardry. He is a giant, demonic Tyrannosaurus that believes he is the greatest, most intelligent being in the world, to which all others must necessarily bow. When he doesn't get his way, he is quick to resort to violence, and he is extremely petty. Fortunately, his ego is far greater than his strategic planning, and he can be outwitted with some effort. Unfortunately, he is still extremely strong, can breathe fire and has surprising skill with his evil magic.


The Devil Dinosaur, Literally, Giant Fangs, Giant Horns, Giant Head Fin, Tiny Little Arms, Tiny Little Wings, Can Never Quite Scratch That Itch, INFERIOR BEINGS, I AM YOUR SCALY GOD, Shouts A Lot




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