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Heat Genblem
Heat Genblem.jpg
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Function Robo-Gamera
Technical Specifications
Primary Solar Death Beam
Type Fire
Secondary Shouenga
Type Blade Fire
OOC Information
Game Megaman Zero 4
Theme Song

Character Data

"I will defeat all who stand in our way!"


Heat Genblem is a methodical, systematic android whose patience is only rivaled by his far larger brother. Heat's bulky body is not matched by a dull mind. While not an exceptional intellect, Heat is gifted with a certain feral cunning and intuition, and reads up on topics that interest him to become more knowledgeable. Heat is not easily deceived, as he avoids rash decisions made in the heat of the moment. Instead, Heat attempts to reason things out with care, whether the decision is significant or trivial. Heat's brothers interpret this care in thought as stubbornness, but he appears unlikely to change his behavior for popularity. Heat is among the toughest and certainly among the strongest of the Einherjar, and has the ability to fly through the air with surprising speed when pressed. He is equally proficient in ranged or hand-to-hand combat, but prefers to keep his opponents at range with artful curves of fire. Heat has a close relationship with Mino Magnus, the two capable of carrying on very slow, thoughtful conversations for days at a time.


Not Ryu, Ken or Akuma, Not Rain Turtle, Ouroboros Implacable Man #2 of Many, Cunning But Brutal, Bane of Children, Promised He Wouldn't Cry, Slow and Steady Wins The Race Although Underperforms in Battle and Chase, Learn Me A Book, Anti-Hero in a Halfshell (Turtle Power), STOP BLOCKING