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Heat Man
Heat Man.png
Personal Information
Race Android
Gender Male
Birth Date Dr. Wily
Serial Number DWN-015
Faction Robot Masters
Function Atomic Assault
Assignment Hot > Cow's Moo?
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Atomic Fire
Secondary Specialty Heat Comet
Weapons Fire, His Own Body
Primary Atomic Fire
Type Fire
Secondary Heat Comet
Type Physical
OOC Information
Game Megaman 2
Voice Actor Steve Blum
Theme Song Heat Man's Theme, 20th Anniversary

Character Data

"Only through the heat of the fiercest fires can the Wily-Way be branded on the soul of the world."


One of Dr. Wily's earliest creations, Heat Man's design has nonetheless survived the test of time extremely well. Built to harness the power of the atom in the form of incredible heat and unrestrained flame, it's not hard to imagine that Heat Man might be something of a hothead. This, however, is not the case... Typically a friendly, easy-going sort, quick to smile and even quicker to help out a friend, Heat Man is easy to like. His fanatical devotion to his family, the other Masters, and Dr. Wily is well-known, and is one of the defining traits of his being. He really does believe that a world ruled by Wily will be better than the current state of affairs, and works in earnest toward that goal, out of faith, love and a desire to make things better for everyone rather than any genuine malice. Almost to the degree where he finds it quite hard to understand and be convinced in the slightest the Wily way has any disadvantages. Although he's often reluctant to fight make no mistake, he is a fierce foe if ordered or forced to fight, and there is nothing he will not do to defend his family and friends. Even superior opponents would do well to exercise caution in how they dispatch Heat Man, as too much damage to the heavy reinforced containment systems of his atomic core may result in a catastrophic detonation.


Cooking With Nuclear Weapons, Kite Flying, Kite Making, Zippo Mastery, Flick My Bic




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