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Hedgeshock Hedgeroid
Gotta Go Moderately Fast
Gotta Go Moderately Fast
Personal Information
Real Name Hedgeshock Hedgeroid
Race Pseudoroid
Gender female
Function smol sneky
Technical Specifications
Primary Spark Ball
Type Electric
Secondary Rolling Spike
Type Blade
OOC Information
Game Megaman ZX Advent
Theme Song

Character Data

"Do you think you can just ignore me, Hedgeshock!? You've got to face the penalty! A shocking penalty!"


Hedgeshock Hedgeroid is a high-spirited infiltrator. A Pseudoroid constructed by Dr. Stevenson, Hedgeshock is a fast, agile combatant with electrical powers and support drones. Hedgeshock's small stature is a delight to her, allowing her to get into places her larger peers cannot. She revels in evading people and hiding in plain sight and uses her mousebots to get into even narrower places to expedite infiltrations. Beloved by Rospark for inexplicable reasons, Hedgeshock takes advantage of his patronage to have excuses to break into the most dangerous areas in the world to steal things for Rospark's research. Hedgeshock seeks out thrills and action and sometimes gets in over her head when her reach outstrips her grasp.


smol, sneky




  • 2231-01-26: The Fall Of Space Lanka - The Unified Army assaults The Third Moon to rescue Sri Lanka. Dr. Stevenson introduces them to his brand new Pseudoroid pack.

Cut Scenes