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Hi-Max Headshot.jpg
Personal Information
Real Name Phi Doppler
Code Name Hi-Max
Race Reploid
Gender Male
Creator/s Dr. Doppler
Birth Date November 27, 2205
Serial Number DPLR-008
Faction Unified Army
Divisions Command
Function Super Soldier
Assignment Colonel
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Infantry
Secondary Specialty Siege Warfare
Weapons Electrical Spheres
Primary Ride the Lightning
Type Electric
Secondary Flux Capacitor
Type Electric
Buster Colors Black & Gold
OOC Information
Game Megaman X6
Theme Song "Hold On To What You Believe" by Mumford & Sons

Character Data

"Sometimes I think it should be a rule of war that you have to see somebody up close and get to know him before you can shoot him."


A soldier by creation and mindset, Hi-Max does not fight for glory or praise of his fellow soldiers, he fights to achieve a world where conflict is a thing of the past. From his beginnings as a creation of Doctor Doppler, one of the same line as Sigma and Epsilon, Hi-Max has defined himself not by the spectre of his creator or Gate's tinkering but by his actions on and off the battlefield. The actions of his brothers are used as a constant reminder for Hi-Max of the struggles that this world has faced. He uses their actions as a balancing point to stay true to his own ideals and beliefs; to make sure that no man, woman, or child has to fear the night wondering if tomorrow will ever come. Programmed with the same wide range of military history, tactics, and treaties as General and Sigma, Hi-Max utilizes this knowledge to become the best soldier he can be and to take up the mantle of protector.


The Greatest American(Repliforce) Hero


In the dark times of the early part of the Robot Wars, the United Nations had made a decree. The Sons of Doppler were to hand themselves over and submit to voluntary shutdown and examination because of the action of one of their own, Sigma. Sigma ran free as a menance to mankind, deluding himself and others into thinking he was the savior of the reploid race against the slavery imposed on them during those early days. Sigma, Epsilon, and the others of their line were to be leaders within Repliforce; yet now they were to be locked away as little more than defective property. All save one, Epsilon, would submit to the orders given to them.

It is from this line that we find the reploid that would eventually be known as Hi-Max. The last of the 'Sigma Line' as it would be known, Doctor Doppler had finished Phi as one of the last acts he would carry out under the United Nations eyes. Phi's life before being put into stasis was brief. Barely completing basic training as a Repliforce soldier, Phi followed most of his brothers to their eventual lockdown.

The dust would gather on the stasis pods that contained the 'Sigma Line'. Forgotten by even the United Nations, most of the line never was even fully checked by the scientists charged with examining to see if they suffered the same 'fault' that made Sigma and Epsilon so rebellious.

Gate modifies Phi.
For ten years Phi and the others would sit within the confines of a secure United Nations facility until they would gain notice from a promising roboticist took an interest in them, Gate. Gate carefully surveyed the data he had on the various members of the 'Sigma Line' and settled on experimenting on the one with the cleanest slate, Phi. With the tacit approval of his supervisors, Gate proceeded to play around within the reploid's neural net while he slept.

Gate hatched a plan. He would take the neural net and body of Phi, with it's overall design being similiar to that of Sigma, and merge it with some of the battle data of some of the greatest combatants currently in existance. Getting his hand on some of the neural net scans of Zero, Gate began to tinker with Phi's soul, adding and stripping parts away while trying to create his perfect weapon.

Unfortunately, Gate was never able to overcome the fundamental conflict between the two divergent neural nets he was trying to fuse together. Phi, now renamed as Project Hi-Max, was set aside much like he and his brothers were before. But this time, he did not sit around for years. Gate would take Hi-Max's body with him when he finally went insane.But through the actions of Berkana, along with Repliforce, Hi-Max would be stolen from Gate and brought back to the Fortress.

Her failed attempt to try and finish Hi-Max nearly resulted in him dying before he was ever turned on. It was only through Gate's intervention that Hi-Max was saved. Stealing Hi-Max back from Berkana, one of Gate's last altruistic acts was to bring Hi-Max to Prismatic Spider. Prismatic Spider in turn used the Phoenix System to save Hi-Max and finally correct two fundamental flaws in Hi-Max. The first being the neural fault created by Gate's trying to merge fragments of Zero's neural net designs into Phi's. The second was in wiping the Dream Protocol from Hi-Max completely. With these two faults fixed and with no idea of his own origin, Hi-Max entered the world stage for the first time.

In the years since, Hi-Max has risen steadily through the ranks of Repliforce. He now stands as second in command of Repliforce side-by-side with the Colonel.


  • Hi-Max is a practicing Muslim.



Cut Scenes

  • 2223-08-22: Blood on the Scales - A soldier on the frontlines, coping as best he can.
  • 2225-03-22: From Yesterday - Hi-Max reviews some old footage of the 17th Unit.

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