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Ultimate Lifeform
Ultimate Lifeform
Personal Information
Real Name Hien
Race Strider
Gender Male
Creator/s Grandmaster Meio/GENOCIDE
Birth Date September 15th, 2228
Serial Number GCH0
Function The Ravenous Dog of War
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty Killing Things
Secondary Specialty Subterfuge
Weapons Geometrical Cypher, Climb Hook
Primary Geometrical Cypher
Type Blade
Secondary Boomerang Cypher
Type Blade
Buster Colors White & White with a long white scarf.
OOC Information
Game Strider 2
Theme Song

Character Data

"I am the ultimate lifeform, unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality."


Hien is one of the most hated human beings in the world. A genetic construct originally created by Grandmaster Meio by compositing the "best" traits from numerous Striders, a team of GENOCIDE scientists took the failures of the mentally unstable Hien clones and learned from them. The process of his hyper-accelerated neurological development was greatly improved, leading to significantly higher mental stability. He may not retain the memories of previous Hien clones, but he's well aware of their ridiculous actions. As a result, he considers himself to be the ultimate lifeform, where Hien after Hien had to die for his inevitable creation. He remains arrogant to a fault due to his enhanced physical attributes, and barely recognizes living beings if he considers them beneath him. His demeanor tends to be calm and relaxed, but he can be prone to vanity, very invested in his physical appearance and clothing outside of combat. He's loyal to GENOCIDE for saving him from what he views as a hellish cycle of reincarnation, and for having the resources to allow him to achieve his own goals. This mostly involves traveling the world to learn secret martial arts, testing himself against and killing other Striders. Now free of his mental conditioning and cybernetic implants, he wishes to one day kill Grandmaster Meio himself, and take China to hold it as a symbol that he is truly the ultimate lifeform.


Ubermensch, Just So Hot, Meio's Favorite Genetic Abomination, Contacts: Strider, Languages: Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Sign, German, Russian, Martial Arts: So Many, Ambidextrous, Extremely Handsome, Superiority Complex, Wears White After Labor Day - Every Day, Yes, Murder Can Be A Favor, Skipped Childhood, Combat-Rated Manicure, TWO SWORDS ARE OBVIOUSLY BETTER THAN ONE, HIRYU



  • This is the only Hien to be created outside of Ouroboros.
  • Luxurious hair.
  • Beautiful eyes.
  • Wonderful nose.
  • Perfect abs.
  • His first meal was steak, given by Yuri Dragunov.
  • His first birthday gift was a broken back, given by Yuri Dragunov.
  • His cypher is like five things.
  • Actually has emotions, just isn't very expressive.
  • Had Strider etiquette training in his accelerated mental growth.
  • Has mixed feelings about Strider etiquette.
  • Hates Kung Chao Jie on principle. He thinks a Strider should rule China.
  • Is allegedly the Ultimate Lifeform.
  • Has control of his autonomic functions, because he is allegedly the Ultimate Lifeform.
  • Likes a spa day.
  • Combs his hair twice a day, once in the morning, once before bed.
  • Upon being born, stuck his fingers into two guys' foreheads for talking trash. Don't blame him, he was only a few seconds old and naked. They died quick.
  • Is still trying to find his favorite food.
  • His favorite color is white, because it's the absence of color and white is the color of death.
  • Is actually pretty happy, even though it sometimes doesn't seem like it.
  • Likes name brands as a status symbol.
  • Perfect skin.
  • Great butt.
  • Likes animals.


  • Kill Grandmaster Meio to be the dominant lifeform.
  • Kill Hiryu just in case he's stronger than the Grandmaster.
  • Kill Rock because that seems like it could be interesting.
  • Kill Kraft because he seems like a tough guy.
  • Kill Shield Shellfish because she seems like a tough woman.
  • Kill Serpent because he's an apex predator.
  • Kill basically everyone in Stars because they think they're special and normal humans need to be put on their place sometimes.
  • Learn Ansatsuken from Magma Dragoon, and then kill him so that he can't teach anyone else.
  • Kill Zero because he's strong.
  • Kill Jack Hunter for being a wretch.
  • Kill Ferham for being basic.
  • Kill Frank West just to prove it can be done.
  • Have tea with Mach Thi Tien.