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Personal Information
Race Reaver
Gender Male
Email hipposhark@repliforce.un
Faction Unified Army
Function Artillery Unit
Assignment Reserve Marines
Technical Specifications
Primary Specialty BLOWING SHIT UP
Secondary Specialty Aquatic Operations
Weapons Shark Missile, various explosives and guns
Primary Shark Missile
Type Explosive
Secondary Hippo Particle Cannon
Type Energy
OOC Information
Game Megaman X: Command Mission
Theme Song

Character Data

"Slow and steady wins the r-" "-Yeah yeah, less chat more splat, buddy."


Hippopressor was the first Reaverbot built by Repliforce. Intended as an experiment into reaver technology, things went wrong when the reaver's crystal matrix developed a flaw, causing it to shatter into two pieces. The result was the twin personalities of Hippopressor and Exploding Shark. Hippopressor, inhabiting a quadripedal hippo tank the size of a bus, is calm and not quick to anger, and is a little bit slow in the thinking department sometimes. He is also an incredibly excessive ballistomaniac with no regard for property damage caused in the line of duty, but this often gets overlooked because he has someone even worse on his back. Explosive Shark, inhabiting Hippopressor's weapons systems, has no goals in life beyond blowing up in increasingly bigger explosions. His signature weapon, the remote-controlled Shark Missile, lets him live out his fantasies again and again much to the dismay of the opposing forces, friendly forces who happen to be nearby, and Repliforce's insurance accountants. Hippopressor and Exploding Shark have a constant mental link, and depend on each other to stay 'normal'; without Exploding Shark, Hippopressor would lose his motivation, and without Hippopressor, Exploding Shark would go completely off the deep end.


Gray Looks White When Next to Black, Speciality: Excessive Firepower, Sam and Max, Cross Class Skill Ranks: Ornithology, Memetype: CHARGIN MY LAZOR, Permanent Shoulder Devil, Buildings are Made to be Broken, Still Officially the Most Awesome Thing to Ever Exist